Fit Model Chontel Duncan Shared The First Photo Of Her Adorable Son

Chontel Duncan is a fitness model who documents how amazing her body looks across social media for a job. So it wasn't really that surprising that she's spent the last nine months documenting her body changes throughout her pregnancy. It also shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone that, once Duncan announced she was pregnant, her body became the focus of a very public debate. Now that Chontel Duncan has given birth to a healthy baby boy, the super shredded mama doesn't show any signs of going into hiding anytime soon. Duncan shared her first photo of her son on Saturday, and he's adorable.

The controversy erupted just weeks ago when Duncan posted a photo comparing her baby bump to that of her friend who was due just four weeks earlier. The video made Duncan look super tiny, and the friend she posed with looked much bigger in comparison, so people took it as a slam against the other woman for not living up to Duncan's freakishly fit example. People inevitably got pissed. It was a whole mess that showed, once again, it almost doesn't matter what mothers do with their bodies, you can bet there's someone out there who thinks it's their job to criticize. It's just the unfortunate reality we live in.

Now, Duncan, along with her disc-jockey husband Sam, is sharing their new baby journey with people on social media. Here's her announcement for the birth of Jeremiah Thomas Duncan, who was born on Friday, weighing in at seven pounds and 13 ounces.

"Healthy happy baby boy, absolutely nothing medically wrong with bubba, he is extremely alert and very strong shocking the staff here with his arms and neck strength," Duncan wrote along with this cute picture of Jeremiah, who she's already referring to with the nickname, "Miah."

Here's a beautiful photo of baby Miah and his mama she shared over the weekend.

Check out Miah's onesie with a nod to his dad's gig as a DJ, which Duncan calls "very appropriate."

So happy for the Duncans and their new little boy. You can bet Chontel will be sharing her journey back to her pre-baby bod every step of the way. But, based on this collage of the changes her body went through over nine months of pregnancy, bouncing back shouldn't take too long.

She shared this collage of images with the caption, "But wow the human body is amazing." It sure is. But let's just face it: Looking at these pictures of Duncan, it's pretty obvious all human bodies are very, very different.