cooking questions answered by the experts at Food52 make it easier for families to cook together
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Food52's Text Helpline Will Tell You What To Cook Based On What You Have

Cooking is an art. Or is it a science? Basically, cooking can be hard, especially if you've got a random mix of ingredients to work with. Enter Food52, an online destination for all things food. If you're stuck in meal-time limbo, staring at your open pantry with zero clue on what to do next, text your cooking questions to the Food52 at 917-540-5370, and Food52's team of culinary experts will steer you in the right direction.

With everything else going on in our lives on any given day, figuring out what you can make from your pantry, or what best goes with all of that brie cheese you stress purchased, is a lot. You can even tap the hotline for cleaning woes and organizing tips, because some people — apparently those without children — actually do have some extra time on their hands.

And even if you're already a pro at cooking every night of the week, use the Food52 hotline for some inspiration, or let them help you MacGyver tricky kitchen situations. Need some fresh ideas for simple, kid-friendly recipes? They've got plenty. Want to make a baguette or country loaf and don't have the right pan to cook it in? Their cooking aficionados can help you figure out what the best option is from what you've got. (Pro tip from this former food blogger: Stoneware is great but so are sheet pans.)

Sure, you could always call someone (your parents or your aunt who is the most skilled host you know) when you've found yourself in a culinary pickle. But why not text the experts who will help you work with exactly what you have, and not try to convince you to put something savory in a jello mold.