Get $100 Off That Willow Breast Pump You've Been Wanting On Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day usually falls in July, but like so many things this year, it was delayed because of the pandemic. But don’t worry, the two days of deals weren’t cancelled entirely. Amazon Prime Day falls on Oct. 13 and Oct. 14 this year, and if you’re currently breastfeeding and you’re tired of your noisy, clunky breast pump, then you’ll want to know about this deal. For Prime Day 2020, the Willow® Wearable Breast Pump will be 20% off, and considering it’s a bit of a splurge item to begin with, the discount makes a big difference. Plus any extra milk containers and spare chargers (because they always end up misplaced) will also be 20% off.

All breast pumps are in a sense “wearable” in that they attach to your body, but the Willow goes in your bra, so you can actually pump on-the-go. It uses a patented, no-spill technology so you won't unexpectedly end up with a milk-soaked shirt, and the Willow website says you can wear this pump anywhere, even in downward-facing dog (not saying you should, but you could). It's also quieter than many breast pumps currently on the market.

It has seven levels of suction and you can adjust to the level that is comfortable while helping you get the most milk. The milk collects directly into disposable storage bags that are located within the pump, but you can also opt for a reusable container that can be washed and used after each session.

One of the coolest things about this pump (aside from the fact that it’s completely hands-free and discrete) is that there’s a corresponding app which tracks your milk volume in real-time, so you can glance at your phone instead of having to take the whole thing off to see how many ounces you've collected. The app shows you how much milk you've pumped and for how long you've been pumping on each side.

It's important to mention: The electric pump only comes with one rechargeable battery, so you can't charge both sides simultaneously. But a full charge should last up to give pumping sessions, so as long as you don't drain both batteries at once, you should be good to go.