Willow's Newest Pump Is Still Quiet, But Apparently Yields 20% More Milk — FIRST LOOK

Ask any pumping mom the one thing she's noticed about her breast pump, and she'll tell you: it talks. I spent a lot of time pumping for my two daughters, and my pump absolutely spoke a language that sounded like it could raise zombies from the ground. It also kept me stuck to one chair for a very long time, and that time didn't always result in a worth-it amount of milk. But because it's 2020, new pumps like the Willow Pump Generation 3 are making it so that new mothers don't have to make up lyrics to the siren song of their pump, and they can actually build the milk stash they want. (Hopefully.)

Willow has been known for their innovative, quiet pumps, but the new Willow Pump Generation 3 plans to really change the game. With new technology, this version of the Willow pump is yielding an average 20% more milk per session, according to Willow, and also has a faster transition to the expression function, which maximizes your breast milk let-down. Basically, it hopes to mimic your baby's breastfeeding habits — if your baby could be tucked discreetly into your bra and you could feed them hands-free. Honestly, that's what interests me the most about the Willow pumps — the fact that you don't really have to touch it or buy a special bra with a built-in hole for your milk machine. I remember trying to pump for my oldest while writing a grocery list, and ended up spilling an entire 3 ounces of milk. It was awful. I just wanted to multitask, why pump, why?!

To tailor the experience, you can also use the new app exclusive to the Willow Pump Generation 3 to control the suction and sensitivity settings so you're comfortable and efficient in your pumping. (If I could also control the sensitivity settings of my 14-month-old and her need to chomp down while breastfeeding now, that would be really excellent.)

The Willow Pump Generation 3 will be released Spring 2020 for $500. The product is available in three different sizes, and comes with 24 milk bags and two pumps. And like its previous generations, the Willow Pump Generation 3 promises to be quiet, discreet, and easy to clean.

If you can't wait until spring to try it out, Willow will have 50 to give away at CES 2020 on Jan. 7. The giveaway is meant to call attention to the lack of resources so many working mothers have when it comes to pumping, as well as reminding the world of the growing presence of women in technology. If you're planning on attending CES, head to Sands Halls A-D, booth 43961 in the Baby Tech marketplace at 12:30 p.m. to be one of the first 50 women in line to snag your pump. Just remember: you'll have to make up your own lyrics and rhythm to your breast pump song. Might I suggest finding inspiration in Paula Abdul?