Free child care will be available on election day in 11 states.
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Parents Can Get Free Child Care On Election Day — Here's What You Need To Know

With Nov. 3 just weeks away, parents trying to sort out how to get to the polls without their kids in tow may want to take advantage of and ASYMCA's partnership that's offering free child care on Election Day in a handful of states. and ASYMCA, the Armed Services branch of the YMCA, have joined forces to provide parents and caregivers with free child care in 29 locations in 11 states across the country on Election Day. Free child care will be made available at participating ASYMCA locations in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Utah. The locations are open to the public, but a select few are reserved specifically for military families.

"As a core part of our mission, we believe that access to child care should never prevent a parent from seeking employment, health care or in this case, participating in our National election," ASYMCA says on its site. "We are grateful to for their partnership and shared commitment to this mission."

To access free child care, parents simply need to make an appointment here to book a four-hour spot on Nov. 3. The service will be paid for by, and parents are asked to bring identification to their local ASYMCA before leaving their child to be cared for by providers. Each branch will follow all COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure the safety of families participating in this service. You can find all of the participating locations here.

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Child care is an important issue for parents every day of the year, of course, not just on Election Day. According to a survey conducted by in October, 89% of parents surveyed considered child care policies as a serious priority when they considered who they'll be voting for this election. The good news is that 89% of parents plan to vote in this election, as as the survey found, which means free child care could be an essential aid on the big day.

As voters casting early ballots are already waiting for hours in long lines across the country to vote, free child care on Election Day could make all the difference in the world for busy parents. No one ever wants to stand in line with kids, especially on such an important day.

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