Let's Talk About These Diamond 'Frozen' Dolls That You Can Have For *Just* $30,000

Hi, hello. So this Roberto Coin Frozen 2 Deluxe Diamond Doll Set exists, and I literally just can’t “let it go.” For a mere $30,000 (chump change!) your family could own this limited edition (there are only two) set featuring Elsa, Anna, and Olaf wearing very expensive jewelry. Who needs the Frozen 2 Anna and Elsa Fashion Doll Set from Target for just $30? That’s child’s play. You will absolutely win the holidays for the rest of your natural life (because you’ll never be able to buy another holiday gift or any present ever again) if you buy your children this very expensive “toy.” A toy which they’ll never be allowed to touch or they will have to be dropped off at the fire station to start a new life.

Even still, your children definitely need these dolls instead of you giving them a house to live in, right? And if you have to live in your car, at least you’ll have Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and their jewels to keep you warm on those long, cold winter nights. According to the description on the Saks Fifth Avenue website (because where else would you buy this collection?), “The Disney's Frozen 2 x Roberto Coin Collection features fractal snowflake shapes symbolizing Elsa’s inner strength and power, Anna’s iconic, colorful wheat pattern representing her warmth, optimism and the fall seasonal palette from the film, and Roberto Coin’s ruby, signifying his wish and dream of a joyful future.” Oh, and Olaf’s blinging out with some diamond brooches that look like snowflakes.

Anna’s necklace and hair comb are 18K yellow gold with orange and yellow sapphires, and Elsa’s necklace is 18K white gold with amethyst and green tourmaline. Also, Olaf’s “brooches” are both 18K white gold with diamonds. So totally worth the $30,000, guys. If I stop ordering avocado toast for brunch, this set could be mine.

And if that’s not enough Frozen 2 goodness for you this holiday, you may also like this Roberto Coin 18K White Gold and Diamond Olaf Pendant Necklace for just $2,550, or this Roberto Coin Frozen 2 18K Yellow Gold and Diamond Wheat Pendant Necklace — a more subtle nod to the movie — for just $3,800. OK honey, I hope you’re reading this because obviously this is truly all I want for Christmas. We can just refinance the house and sell our cars.

But, hey, if you do buy this set, you’ll earn at least 60,000 points on your SaksFirst Card. And remember, “Roberto Coin signs each of his jewels with a small ruby, inspired by an ancient Egyptian legend that a ruby touching the skin brings happiness, prosperity, and love,” according to the website. So maybe if you touch the ruby, you’ll miraculously come into more money to live the diamond-encrusted Disney doll life you've always wanted.