Get You A Friend Who Loves You Like Jonathan Groff Loves Salisbury Steak TV Dinners

You may assume the lives of the rich and famous are full of caviar and champagne, but the star behind Kristoff in Disney's Frozen is different. In fact, the one and only Jonathan Groff really, really loves salisbury steak TV dinners. Like, really loves them. In an exclusive clip shared with Romper, the actor waxed poetic about the beauty of his favorite frozen food combination while the rest of the Frozen 2 cast answered some other hard-hitting, rapid-fire questions.

Ahead of Frozen 2's premiere, Groff got together with Kristen Bell, who voices Anna, Idina Menzel, who lends her voice to Elsa, to answer a few personal questions about all things fall, winter, and more. Also on hand were Sterling K. Brown, voice of Lt. Mattias, Evan Rachel Wood, the star behind Queen Iduna, and of course, Josh Gad, the voice behind everyone's favorite snowman Olaf.

The cast was first asked, "Is it more fun to play in a pile of leaves or a pile of snow?" Brown noted that leaves were better because "you don't get as cold," which is true, but Bell couldn't help pointing out that snow was better for a pretty valid reason: "You never know what's going to be at the bottom of that leaf pile."

And when the questions ultimately turned to favorite frozen foods, things got extra interesting. While most of the cast went with the obvious choice — ice cream — Groff didn't hold back when discussing his favorite meal stashed in his freezer. "Salisbury steak TV dinner with the apple crisp dessert in the middle and the mashed potatoes and the green beans," Groff said. He is nothing if not specific. And Gad was hilariously shocked to find Groff's answer was exactly what he was going to say. "That's crazy weird, that was going to be my answer," Gad said. Hey, great minds apparently think alike.

Other questions included whether or not they were terrible or fantastic at family game night. Apparently Wood is "terrible" at family game night, which might be bad news for her 5-year-old son Jack. Although perhaps this means he wins all the time. Fans should also know that Gad and Menzel prefer winter while Groff and Bell prefer fall, which sort of makes sense for their characters considering Elsa is famous for freezing everything and Gad plays a snowman.

This rapid-fire question video from the cast of Frozen 2 was certainly a nice little appetizer for fans to enjoy before the movie hits theaters on Friday, Nov. 22.

Let's celebrate with a salisbury steak TV dinner in honor of Kristoff, shall we?