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'Fuller House' Season 3 Theories That Will Help You Appreciate Season 2

Netflix managed to pull off airing two seasons of its breakout multi-camera sitcom Fuller House within ten months of each other, but fans are already hungry for more. Season 1 proved that the show could still feel relevant and play off family themes in an age of social media, while constantly throwing back to itself to hook fans of the original. Season 2 capitalized on that momentum with even more cameos from original cast members, a high-profile guest appearance/concert from New Kids On The Block, and references to a growing Tanner clan. But these Fuller House Season 3 theories prove that there's plenty more to build on for the reboot.

Season 2 did a great job of resolving a lot of the loose romantic threads with which Season 1 left us. Steph was profoundly single after failing to let herself get close to anyone amidst her whirlwind DJ career. In a trademark Tanner heart-to-heart, D.J. astutely pointed out to her sister that experiencing the death of a parent at a young age can close people off to forming intimate relationships as adults for fear of another devastating loss. Meanwhile, D.J. finally chose (settled for?) Matt after a bunch of back-and-forth over whether he or her high school boyfriend, Steve, was her person. Steve also wound up engaged by the end of Season 2, and Becky and Jesse brought a newly adopted baby into the fold. So where will all that lead us next season? (If there is a next season.) Here are some ideas...

All The Season 2 Ex-Child Actor Cameos Were A Ploy To Get The Olsens Back

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have made clear their lack of interest in returning to the show, primarily because they don't see themselves as actors. They were children when their acting careers were successful, and, in adulthood, they've opted instead for fashion industry careers. They both reported feeling out of practice and too shy to return to TV.

Season 2 of Fuller House, however, found plenty of excuses to bring back childhood friends and adolescent boyfriends of the Tanner girls (and Kimmy), many of whom no longer act. My personal theory is that show execs brought back a bunch of child actors for fun throwbacks, like a high school reunion, even though they aren't currently working actors, to subtly prove to the Olsens that they can still make them look good on TV, even if they don't feel super confident in their acting skills anymore.

Steve & C.J. Stay Together

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There's only one good reason to give up on 'shipping D.J. and Steve forever and get behind C.J. and Steve as an engaged couple instead: so we can continue to enjoy Max and Rose's Titanic-based love affair. They're just too cute together and if Steve ditches C.J., then we'll also lose Rose. We might just have to take this one disappointment for the greater good.

D.J. Stays With Matt

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And, just like we'll swallow the bitter pill of C.J. and Steve staying together in order to keep Rose around longer, we should also get behind D.J. and Matt staying together to preserve Matt's bromance with Steve. Their relationship is super fun to watch and it would be a bummer to lose it.

We'll Meet Kimmy & Jimmy's Parents

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We'll probably have Stephanie and Jimmy's blossoming relationship to thank for this one, but it would be amazing to finally get to see the Gibbler parents. A big meet-the-"in-laws"-themed episode has tons of potential for comedic fodder.

Ashton Kutcher Does A Guest Appearance

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Fuller House fans have noticed an uncanny resemblance between Jimmy Gibbler and young Ashton Kutcher. As the masters of meta-comedy, Fuller House could definitely pull off something hilarious with Jimmy interacting with a character played by the real Kutcher.

Jackson & Ramona Keep A Sibling Bond

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There are some Jackson-and-Ramona 'shippers floating around darker corners of the internet, which is kind of reasonable, I guess? But it's also kind of gross. Psychologically speaking, children who grow up together — literally in the same house — form sibling-esque bonds (including the typical romantic aversion to each other), even if they aren't related. So while it might be cute to imagine D.J. and Kimmy's kids winding up together, it's also much more logical for them to maintain their current sibling bond, rather than deal with the creepy awkwardness of having a crush on someone whose bedroom is across the hall from you as a middle schooler. That seems pretty heavy, by Fuller House standards.

As you can see, there's plenty of Season 3 material out there for the writers to work with. Now we simply have to wait and see if Netflix agrees and decides to give the Tanner clan another renewal.