Everyday Is Your Birthday With Funfetti Pancake & Waffle Mix For Breakfast

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One of the best things about your birthday is eating a slice of leftover birthday cake the next day. And you can do it guilt-free, because it's your birthday, right? Well, Pillsbury is harnessing that vibe every day of the year with their new Funfetti pancake and waffle mix. Time to ditch the plain mix for good and leave the boring oatmeal, granola, and cereal in the dust.

Just like the beloved cake mix, Funfetti pancake and waffle mix is filled with candy bits to add bursts of color inside each bite. The mix only requires water to make the perfect pancakes or waffles, so you don't even need eggs to turn your breakfast into a party. It's currently available at Hy-Vee, Albertson's, Safeway, Schnuck's, SpartanNash, K-Va-T, Ahold, Giant, Jewel, Brookshire’s, and Cub Foods

Pillsbury's recommendations for the perfect pancakes include getting your pan to medium high heat (or you electric griddle to about 375 degrees Fahrenheit). You're ready to make pancakes when you can sprinkle a few drops of water into the pan and they sizzle away. And after mixing out any lumps in your batter, let it rest for about three minutes before dropping it into the pan. Who knew? After what must have been extensive time testing, Pillsbury says cooking each side of the pancake one to one and a half minutes is your golden ticket to a stack of golden Funfetti pancakes.

In The New York Times account of the "Funfetti explosion," the article reported that after Funfetti cake mix came out in 1989, kids of the '90s basically couldn't have a birthday party without it. Confetti cakes are still majorly popular today, probably because millennials who grew up on the confetti craze still love it and the nostalgia it brings to the literal table. Funfetti is still so popular it has become the de facto name for confetti cakes of all brands, a la Bandaids for bandages or Crockpots for slow cookers.

In 2019, Funfetti cake mix is celebrating 30 years of making birthdays better. Yes, that means it's just as old as Microsoft Office. Pillsbury has launched special Funfetti products before, specifically a yellow galaxy Funfetti cake with space blue icing and rocket ship, star, and moon sprinkles in honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. They've also gifted the world with unicorn-themed strawberry Funfetti cake loaded with purple and yellow candy bits and some very mythical toppings. They've even launched brownie mix!

Luckily, the Funfetti pancake and waffle mix is a permanent addition to their product lineup, so it can brighten mornings in your house for years to come. If your kids enjoy Funfetti breakfasts each day, check out Pillsbury's recipe for an extra special birthday morning pancake stack. The instructions call for a mixture of Funfetti frosting and whipped topping to lighten it up, and of course, they recommend topping that tall stack with some colorful candles.

So, the next time you're stocking up on breakfast supplies at the grocery store, be sure to stop by the pancake mix aisle. This box of fun can keep your kids excited about the mornings, and arm you with a fun birthday morning surprise up your sleeve (i.e. in the pantry).

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