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Funniest Tweets About Opening Ceremony Commentators Proves The People Just Want To Watch In Peace

So far, 2018 hasn't necessarily been what most would consider an "easy" year. January felt as though it was at least six months long, and even though February is the shortest month out of the year, it doesn't look it's going to fly by either. So people just want to watch the 2018 Winter Games without being reminded that this country is enduring a political climate that can only be likened to a dumpster fire. And the funniest tweets about the Opening Ceremony commentators proves that people just want to watch the damn games in peace. Like, please, give us this one, simple thing.

For the most part (and perhaps this is a total assumption based on my own preferences) viewers love to hear about the athlete backstories and emotional details that make us all want to root for our favorite Olympians from our favorite countries. Like Gus Kenworthy, for example, who is one of two openly gay American Olympians competing at the 2018 Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. Kenworthy's story is as inspirational as it is moving, so who wouldn't want to hear more about this freestyle skier and the obstacles he's overcome to get him to where he is today?

The answer, of course, is no one. Everyone wants to hear about Gus (again, this might be my own bias talking) but what they don't want to hear is the voices of Opening Ceremony commentators Mike Tirico and Katie Couric. Here are just a few tweets highlighting viewers', um, frustration with the co-hosts:

The entire Opening Ceremonies, from start to finish, lasted about two hours and 15 minutes. Yes, that included the 50-minute parade of nations. And with the 14-hour time difference between local time in PyeongChang and Eastern Standard Time in the United States, the actual opening ceremonies took place early Friday morning, U.S. time. The original live-stream of the Opening Ceremonies, however, did not include the "colorful" commentary of Tirico and Couric, and it seems as though viewers would rather keep it that way. But as they say, the early bird gets the worm and, in this case, the early bird was able to watch the 2018 Winter Games Opening Ceremonies without two co-hosts talking consistently throughout the entire production. I guess there's something to be said for waking up before the sun rises, my friends.

Either way, misery loves company, and what better way to commiserate with fellow 2018 Winter Games viewers than to take to Twitter and complain about this year's co-hosts, right? So with that in mind, and because it's all in good fun (that's what the Olympics are all about: coming together in the name of friendly competition), here are a few more tweets highlighting just how over viewers were with the constant talk, talk, talking.

To be fair, who wants to listen to actual words when the Tonga flag bearer is walking around, all shirt-less and such? Athlete Pita Taufatofua doesn't need commentary, Mike and Katie. That's unnecessary, thank you very much.

Still, and in all fairness, speaking for hours on end isn't an easy job, for anyone. Adding the complexities associated with the 2018 Winter Games, in which numerous countries from across the world come together — including, this year, North Korea and South Korea, who marched together in a symbolic offering of hope and peace — can't make the job all that easier. So while it's harmless to poke fun at a few commentators on a Friday night as we prepare to cheer our favorite countries on throughout the 2018 Winter Games, it's also worth remembering one vital fact: the Olympics are about unity.

OK, fine. Today, apparently, that means forming a united front against two talkative commentators.

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