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These Are The Funniest Tweets On Presidents Day

Happy Birthday, George Washington! You're looking smashing for 285 years old. On Monday, millions of Americans have the day off in recognition of our nation's first leader for Presidents Day — so of course that means that there are millions of Americans tweeting up a storm on Twitter. Of course #PresidentsDay is trending, and there are a ton of funny tweets on Presidents Day — but so are plenty of other hashtags with varying degrees of political commentary to layer on top of the federal holiday.

But what would our Founding Fathers have to say about social media? Besides something along the lines of "What are these magical printing machines upon which the people write?!" they would probably be blown away with the immediacy of how Americans can talk to each other, as well as just how outspoken us former colonists can actually be. I guarantee you they'd be just as enamored with the #SaltBae and Biden Bro memes as we have been — but I'm sure they'd be terribly confused about Sad Pepe. Hell, I'm still confused about Sad Pepe.

Thank goodness our country was founded on the principles of freedom of speech and the press, because there is a lot of hilariously deft political commentary on Twitter — God Bless America, am I right? Here is a round up of some of the funniest Presidents Day tweets in the Twitterverse on Monday.

Thanks, Obama! (No Seriously. Please Come Back.)

While I'm glad former President Barack Obama is taking some much deserved time off, I'm missing him, as are LOTS of folks on Twitter. Not just because he was an awesome leader, but boy howdy — Barack Obama sure is easy on the eyes. I'm super jealous of our neighbors up north, what with their sexy feminist prime minister and all — hell, even Ivanka Trump can't resist Justin Trudeau and his sexy Canadian charms.

Also, as @Becauseofthem notes, yes, black first family withdrawal is real. Maybe we could get Obama to come back and work the weekends since apparently Trump takes the weekends off in Florida. Because president-ing is hard.

So Much Shade. ALL The Shade.

There's no denying that Trump isn't exactly popular right now. But there's no reason to outright mock him, as tempting and easy as that might be. Name calling is the low-hanging fruit of Twitter. The real sass mastery lies in the art of throwing shade, especially when using former presidents' words to make a point about our nation's current state of presidential affairs. And to be honest, Fox News's tweet invoking Abe Lincoln's views on the Constitution is exceptionally delicious.

Celebrating The Other Presidents Of Our Hearts

While it feels like the last month of Trump's presidency could very well be the plot of the next season of Netflix's House of Cards, there are plenty of people of Twitter today who are taking the day to recognize some of the best presidents ever — however fictional they might be: Of course, we're talking about President Bartlet, President Meyer, and President Underwood. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to campaign for President Santos.