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Furby Alternatives To Hatchimals If They're Sold Out, Because There Are Some Cute Ones

With the holidays quickly approaching, the likelihood of getting your hands on a Hatchimal, online or in-store, is getting more difficult (and much more expensive) by the day. It’s understandable that so many kids are asking for the new holiday toy, considering that it’s a cute, interactive, stuffed bird-like toy that comes in a shell and only hatches as kids hold and play with it, using touch technology. So while there is still a slim chance of snagging one of little stuffed animals, here are some Furby alternatives to Hatchimals so you have some cute options in case every store you check for Hatchimals is sold out.

Parents might be able to sway their kids to be on board with a Furby, especially because when most adults first saw an ad for Hatchimals, they were immediately brought back to their childhoods when having a Furby was all the rage. So we totally get it that kids desperately want to play with a Hatchimal this holiday season, because the hamster or owl-like creature from the late '90s was also a "must-have" toy.

While Hatchimals and Furbies do share a lot of the same features, there is one difference kids would definitely notice. Yes, they’re both fuzzy interactive creatures with big eyes that come from a fantasy world, but a Hatchimal is unique and literally "hatches" out of an egg after it’s been played with enough, adding to its fun factor.

So, for parents who have looked everywhere and haven't had much luck finding a Hatchimal for a reasonable price — or at all — here are five Furby alternatives that your kids might also enjoy.

Furby Connect (Starting At $69.99 On Amazon)

The Furby Connect is similar to the Hatchimal because kids can take care of and interact with it using technology. Physically, both of the toys also look very similar with bright colored fur and big eyes that can help it express itself with more than 150 animations. With the use of the toy's app, kids can also teach their Furby how to speak, just like a Hatchimal. Another cute feature is that kids can make their Furby sleep just by putting the sleep mask on, which is included.

As Mashable described the toy over the summer, the Furby Connect has "full-color LED eyes capable of even greater expressions, more advanced Bluetooth LE connectivity with smartphones and tablets, and a new LED antenna on its head that doubles as a joystick."

Furby Boom! Surprise Egg (Starting At $79.99 On Amazon)

With the Furby Boom! Surprise Egg, there is that, yes, fun element of surprise so your kid won't know what their new toy will look like until they hatch it open, kind of like a Hatchimal.

The Furby Boom! Surprise Egg has been on the toy market longer then the Furby Connect, but if the surprise factor is what your kid is looking for, then this toy might do the trick.

Star Wars Furbacca (Starting At $55.90 On Amazon)

This adorable Star Wars Furbacca would be perfect if your kid is a fan of the movies. It's similar to the Furby Connect as it's interactive and has an available app that can be used with a smartphone or tablet. Within the app, kids can go on adventures in the Stars War universe and eventually they will be able to unlock virtual Star Wars Furby Furblings.

Furby Furbling Critter ($59.99 On Amazon)

Speaking of little Furby Furblings, these adorable critters are almost too cute to resist. Again, this toy can be played with through an app where kids can hatch and raise more virtual Furblings.

If they're not playing within the app, the Furbling can interact with an additional Furby Boom critter (which has to be purchased separately and is sold at various price levels). With these two toys, the Furbling will answer questions asked by the Furby Boom critter.

Hasbro Furby Boom 2-Inch Mini Furbling Mystery Pack ($24.99 On Amazon)

This mystery five-pack of little Furblings might work for parents who truly had their hearts set on getting their kids a Hatchimal this holiday season, but have to wait until a new shipment makes it to stores in a month or so. At $24.99, this is certainly the cheaper option of the bunch and could possibly suffice as a stocking-stuffer or an IOU that's not just a gift card or a piece of paper.

Keep in mind though that the idea of these little plush Furblings is more so to collect them than to care for them through technology, which is a big part of the Hatchimal craze.


The Hatchimal search certainly has been no easy feat, but don't stress out or break the bank to get a hold of one. There are still plenty of toys out there, like these from the Furby family, that will surely make your child smile this Christmas.