Fuzzy Wonderz Vs. Hatchimals, Because Neither Will Be Easy To Get This Year


Move over, Tickle Me Elmo. Outta the way, Cabbage Patch Kids. Oh, Pokemon Go has a cool button accessory now? That's nice. The new gift hotness this holiday season is Hatchimals: Adorable little stuffed animals that hatch out of their very own egg. In fact, they can only hatch if you are actually holding them and they can only be hatched if you play with it. The more you play with your Hatchimal, the faster it'll hatch. But according to the manufacturer, Hatchimals are straight up sold out until at least early next year. So, in lieu of Hatchimals, what else is there? Meet Fuzzy Wonderz: The Pepsi Cola to your Hatchimals Coke. So, when you get head to head with each of the toys, who wins in a battle of Fuzzy Wonderz vs. Hatchimals?

First things first: If you want to get your hands on a Hatchimal right now, be prepared to fork over some major cash. While the toy normally retails for around $50 to $60, desperate parents are willing to pay more than $200 for a single Hatchimal from secondhand sellers. On eBay alone, a lot of nine Hatchimals are going for as much as $2,500. Just be aware, there are also far more unscrupulous scammers looking to rob parents out of their holiday shopping money too, so be wary of Hatchimal scams right now. Since snagging a Hatchimal is all but impossible, how about those Fuzzy Wonderz?

Update: Some customers who purchased Fuzzy Wonderz have alleged that they never received their toys and that the company has been slow to respond. In a Facebook statement to Romper, Steve from Fuzzy Wonderz said "We're an authentic company that just got hit with the holiday rush." The company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

The Eggs

Left Image:Fuzzy Wonderz/YouTubeRight Image:Hatchimals/YouTube

The Hatchimal eggs are speckled in many bright colors, and when the Hatchimal is ready to hatch, you can see its eyes light up through the shell. Fuzzy Wonderz on the other hand... well, they leave a lot of room to be desired on the actual eggshell part. Fuzzy Wonderz come in a plain plastic shell. But, hey, some people (kids) are minimalists!

The Critters

Left Image:Fuzzy Wonderz/YouTubeRight Image:Hatchimals/YouTube

If you're using the Pepsi vs. Coke analogy, the actual toy animals themselves are totally a matter of style preference. If you like your toys to look like slightly more demonic Furbies with crimped hair, go Fuzzy Wonderz. If you like your toys to look like cute fuzzy birds, go with Hatchimals. I'll have to call this one a draw between the two because it's really a matter of style and taste. If it were me, I'd totally grab the Hatchimal off the toy store shelf, but I know plenty of folks who love their Furbies.

The Reveal

Hatchimals are pretty amazing when it comes to the reveal effect and hatching sequence. It's straight up Hollywood compared to the direct-to-video effects of the Fuzzy Wonderz. But the Fuzzy Wonderz are just that — pretty darn cute and fuzzy. So, the verdict? They're similar look but differ in their features. If you're set on a Hatchimal, you could always get a Fuzzy Wonderz until Hatchimals are back in stock.