Hilarious Gender Reveal Prank Pokes Fun At Cultural Obsession With The Trend

Although still a massively popular trend among expectant parents, it's become increasingly clear that gender reveals can be harmful and potentially hazardous. From homemade explosive devices, to a hungry hippo, the razor-sharp teeth of an alligator, and a giant wildfire, more and more parents-to-be are going to dramatic and, in some cases, dangerous lengths to reveal their children's gender. But it seems there may be one take on the trend many can get behind. In a video that's gone viral, a gender reveal prank left partygoers choking on green smoke while poking fun at the trend and challenging the social construction of gender.

This gender reveal begins like any other gender reveal party might. As the camera starts rolling, the expectant parents stand together beside a cluster of pink and blue balloons. "Here's hoping for a linebacker, am I right fellas?" the dad quips before opening the colored smoke bomb. But instead of seeing pink or blue smoke — colors society has long used as gender signifiers — the parents get green.

As the smoke continues to billow out of the container, however, partygoers begin to scream in pain, covering their eyes and mouths, coughing up blood, and eventually passing out on the floor. The video ends with a message: "Gender is a construct."

As you might have already guessed, this isn't a real gender reveal party. Rather, it's a prank video created and shared across social media by This Might Be Funny, a Toronto-based comedy group created by Lauren Andrews and Caitlin Russell. "We just thought it would be funny to poke fun at this cultural obsession with gender reveal parties by having a group of unsuspecting white people have a result that isn't within the regular binary, but that also could be tear gas," they tell Romper.

Since being posted to TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, the video has received thousands of comments and tens of thousands of likes with many deeming it, "Absolutely brilliant!"

While This Might Be Funny's gender reveal video ultimately aims to affirm that gender is simply a social construct, they're happy folks are getting a few laughs out of it, too. "We've had so many people comment their interpretations of the video and we're just so happy that people are enjoying it!"