GigaPets Are Back With 3 New Versions Of Your Favorite '90s Toy

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Remember back in the '90s when the coolest toy you could get your hot little hands on featured a pixelated pup on an itty-bitty screen that could fit in your pocket? Well, hold onto your miniature backpack because GigaPets are back, and their throwback tech will transport you (and your kids) to a much simpler time.

The team at Top Secret Toys has created three new GigaPet releases ready to rock your world this summer. GigaPetsAR, GigaPets Trolls, and GigaPets Pixie offer new and improved features and updates in addition to the staple functions from the original '90s version that you know and love.

If you spent your childhood virtually scooping endless piles of tiny triangular poops after you skipped too many days of playing with your digital pet, just think of how much fun it will be to introduce your own kids to their newest obsession. Between new augmented reality options, advanced game play, and fun additions to the basic round keychain-style design, the new versions of GigaPets are next-gen awesome.

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With GigaPetsAR, kids can not only engage in the day-to-day responsibilities of pet care like feeding, grooming, bathing, and teaching tricks, but can experience a 3D version of their pet by connecting their GigaPetsAR to a free augmented reality app. The app also includes the same activities that the toy itself does, so kids can play with their pet on both the connected app and the GigaPets device itself.

With GigaPetsAR, kids can stick with a traditional puppy, or choose from new pets like a unicorn or a T-Rex. Completing activities with their pet also unlocks special screens to scan with the app to reveal animations on your phone to add another element of fun that '90s kids only wish they'd had back in the day.

GigaPets Trolls gives your kids the opportunity to care for a totally different type of pet. Their virtual Troll's pixelated hair will grow longer each day, and they'll have to care for it properly to avoid getting it chopped off by the dreaded barber. Not to mention, this particular GigaPet features opposable limbs and fuzzy, brightly-colored hair sprouting from the top of the device that I dare you to just try not to twirl.

Since they know every word to the songs from the modern-day Trolls movies, your kids may think they have the market cornered on fandom for the funky-hairstyled characters — but '90s kids know better. We were the first generation to fawn over these adorable little creatures and we're merely sharing our love of Trolls with our children. GigaPets Trolls takes the nostalgia we share to a whole new level.

In addition to the new AR and Trolls varieties, GigaPets Pixie is the most advanced version of the nostalgic toy made to date. Plus, it has adorable flexible wings that provide an additional layer of tactile play.

While caring for their pixie pet, kids can experience eight different evolutions where the choices they make with their pet's magic determines the outcome. where they'll be in for a surprise at every turn. With GigaPets Pixie, kids can cast spells and collect elements like clovers dew, seeds, and fireflies as they play four different games that get harder with each level. These elements can then be used to help their pet grow and evolve.

GigaPetsAR and GigaPets Trolls are both currently available for order on Amazon, with GigaPets Pixie set to be released at a later date. Each of these new and improved GigaPets will also be available for purchase in Target stores nationwide this summer.

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