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Ginger Zee's Husband Ben Aaron Should Be On 'Dancing With The Stars,' & Here's Why

by Kathleen Walsh

Ginger Zee has proven herself to be a pretty formidable force on the dance floor. With partner Val Chmerkovskiy, she has scored consistently high. And even on Monday's switch-up week, when she traded in Chmerkovskiy for new partner, Mark Ballas, Zee scored an impressive 32 out of a possible 40. Zee has been pretty much unstoppable on the stage since she first stepped up onto it, this despite her incredibly hectic schedule which includes commuting to California from New York — where she works as Good Morning America's chief meteorologist — and having a new baby at home. Throughout her time on the show, Zee has said many times that she couldn't do it without the support of her incredible husband, Ben Aaron. Which is just one reason why Ginger Zee's husband should be on Dancing with the Stars.

Aaron, who is also a TV personality (he hosts the show Crazy Talk), has been an extremely visible cheerleader of Zee from the very beginning. And, he has been so charming in the role, I think that the show should keep it in the family and Ben Aaron should be on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. On Monday's switch-up week, Aaron stopped by the rehearsal space where Zee was practicing her salsa with Mark Ballas, the joke being that Aaron was just making sure Ballas knew what was what with Ballas dancing with his wife. This was just the latest of many times that Aaron has made cute little cameos on the show, and he's clearly pretty comfortable around the stage.

Here's why he should get even more comfortable on that stage and join the cast next season.

He's Not Afraid Of The Spotlight

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As a television host in his own right, Aaron definitely isn't afraid of the spotlight. He's been working in broadcast journalism since the age of 18 for Radio Disney, and currently hosts the show Crazy Talk. He's not afraid to get a little silly and be the center of attention either, as you can see here in this photo of his visit to Ginger Zee on Good Morning America when they were engaged.

He Can Dance

Aaron may not be the classically trained professional dancer that Chmerkovskiy or Ballas are, but then again, neither is Zee. As we can see in this hilarious video of himself in a dance class, Aaron is certainly not afraid to give it his all! His rhythm is not bad, either!

He's Comfortable With The 'DWTS' Set

Aaron has definitely been no stranger to the stage on Dancing with the Stars. As an incredibly supportive husband, Aaron has been there every night to cheer on his wife, as she sashays to the top of the competition. Whether he's on the sidelines waiting for a congratulatory kiss, standing by with the couple's adorable baby boy, or swinging by the rehearsals, wherever you find Zee, chances are you'll find Aaron close by.

He Could Charm The Pants Off Of Anybody, Even Len

In honor of his grandmother who passed, Aaron posted this adorable video of himself hanging with her and her friends at the retirement home. Or "causing chaos" as he terms it. The video shows them playing craps, and having scooter races. If he can charm these ladies, chances are, he can charm the judges. Yes, even Len, who I secretly suspect is a softy at heart.