Monty Brinton/CBS

Glenn Is Evicted On 'Big Brother 18', Making Him The First Fallen Houseguest

Even though it is only the second night into the Big Brother 18 season, one houseguest has already been evicted. A.k.a., the summer has officially begun. After a neck-and-neck competition, The Freakazoid's lost their first member, while also claiming safety for the first full week. After an SOS competition, Glenn was evicted on Big Brother 18, and while he'll be missed, fans of Nicole will be happy to know that the returning houseguest will be safe for the week.

The competition that the losing team had to compete in worked in Nicole's favor. The veteran did a great job at balancing her coconuts (conveniently her social media handle) while completing the competition. Following her was Tiffany, Vanessa's sister. It's good to see that the women on the team are certainly physical and can hold their own — why wouldn't they be. Let's hope they last longer then the men, since they're certainly frontrunners in the competition.

Things got a little tricky when it appeared that Corey and Glenn pulled their flag at the exact same time. Things were so close that Big Brother had to refer to photos — a "photo finish." Apparently, the photos proved that Corey was able to pull the flag first, cementing his safety for the week, and kicking Glenn to the curb.

He had a mildly decent run though, even if it was over in the blink of an eye. It would have bee interesting to see what the fan would have been able to do in the show. Plus, he was the oldest contestant of the season... It would have been pretty great to see him kick some young butts.

What does he have planned next? Well, he promised his houseguests that he would be watching the show for the rest of the season. Even though he got a taste of what it was like to be in the Big Brother house, he'll have to return to the fan-viewing. At least he can pretend he's in the house with the feeds, right?