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Good American's Always Fits Jeans Are The Closest You'll Get To Magic Pants

You finally find a pair of jeans that make your legs look long, your tush taut, and (woot), are comfortable to boot. But then your body fluctuates for any number of reasons (PMS, burritos), and suddenly those jeans don’t fit quite as well as they used to. The only options were to buy new jeans or struggle to fit into your now too-tight pair — until now. Good American has introduced Always Fits Jeans, a 4-in-1 pair of jeans that promise to fit your body, no matter what the scale says.

Are these jeans magic, like the pair in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Nah, they're just stretchy. You can't escape bloat, but now you don't have to sink into a pair of sweats on those days when you just can’t do denim, thanks to Good American’s Always Fits jeans. They're designed to fit up to four different sizes simultaneously (think size 00-4, 6-12, 14-18, 20-26, and 28-32), which means that you won’t need different pairs of pants for those mornings when buttoning your jeans is a losing battle.

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All of the jeans from the Always Fits collection are skinny fit and high rise, so you won’t have to tug at them every time you bend over. They have a zip fly with a button closure, and five pockets to hold your phone, lipstick, credit cards, keys, and more. They're available in five different shades of denim, and with or without ripped knees. And if the price seems a little steep for one pair of jeans, think about the fact that you’re essentially getting four pairs of jeans for the price of one.

Even the most well-worn jeans can be constricting, but not the ones from Good American. They’re made from 87.5% cotton, 5% recycled cotton, 4% polyester, and 3.5% elastane, so they are stretchy when you need them to be. They’re also eco-friendly, using recycled zinc coating on the trims, and boast eco-kind washes that require a lot less water when washed.

And for women who might get bummed out about going up a size, having a pair of Good American Always Fit jeans just might make you feel better about it all. After all, since they encompass four sizes, it takes the pressure off of fixating on a certain size. That way, you can focus on fit, and simply live your life stylishly — no numbers needed.