This Cute Plant-Based Skincare Line For Kids Even Has A Spray To Ward Off Monsters

Anyone else out there find the skincare/bath aisle for kids a bit... overwhelming? Anyone else stand there staring at the zillion different pastel bottles, squinting at the sides to scan for words like phthalates and parabens, while wondering what exactly a paraben is? Do you find yourself peering at the manic grin of Mr. Bubble with murky, fearful unease? Well, good news. A fun Australian has come to our rescue with Gro-To, a clean, plant-based skincare line for kids that also just happens to be ridiculously cute.

The fun Australian in question is Zoë Foster Blake. For those unfamiliar, she is huge in Australia. Like, cover of Elle huge. I personally keep wanting to call her Zoë Foster Wallace, as she is in fact also a writer. Though I doubt David Foster Wallace would have ever created his own skincare line. (Trying to picture his exfoliants... which I imagine would just be a small jar of very sharp gravel?)

Anyway, Zoë Foster Blake is not a dark, brooding essayist, she is a very funny, very sunny personality, and a bit of a jack-of-all trades. A former beauty editor, she's written both fiction and non-fiction books for women, and once created an app to help people work through bad break-ups.

She started her adult skincare line — Go-To — in 2014, with the desire to create something made of all-natural, botanical ingredients that was also affordable. Foster Blake's vibe is both quirky and blunt, and as the website states, she wanted to make something that doesn't involve "faux-science or bullshit" or "piss your skin off." As Go-To can now be found on the shelf at Sephora, one could say her humorous approach was well-received. (I mean, who wouldn't want a face mask that reads "This Mask Will Make Me Look Amazinger" on the front?)

Foster Blake decided to branch out into skincare for kids when she realized she was turning to her own Go-To products to treat her children's itchy, irritable skin issues. Thus, Gro-To was born, and it's pretty much the same premise as Go-To: the products are free from silicones, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), synthetics, and yes, the dreaded parabens. There's Sud Bud body wash and bubble bath ($19), Super-Softy moisturizer ($20), and Skin Wizard Body Oil ($24). Though my personal favorite is the Bad Dream Buster ($12), which is a calming, lavender-scented spray parents can use to spritz about their kid's bedroom, thus warding off all monsters, bad dreams, and 4 a.m. wake-ups wherein your child is certain that scary, headless mannequin from Kohl's is hiding under his bed. Bonus: you can find all of the products on Gro-To's website.

Considering that Foster Blake once penned a children's book entitled No One Likes a Fart about a lonely cloud of flatulence seeking a friend, it perhaps isn't too surprising that the look of Gro-To is both silly and cheerful. Each bottle is a bright primary color, and features a smiling, goofy face. (Though a much calmer face than the semi-psychotic Mr. Bubble.)

Do the products actually work? Well, that shall be for the consumer to decide. Though I personally tend to trust Australians' thoughts on skincare, as they spend the majority of their days trying to keep the sun from melting their faces off. At the very least, I know I will definitely be investing in some of the Bad Dream Buster. After my most recent nightmare about Anderson Cooper laughing at me while he cried large spiders out of his White Walker eyes, I plan to spritz a bit over my own pillow.