Grove Collaborative Now Has EWG-Approved Kids' Hand Sanitizer & Face Masks

There are few things easier than getting a box of your favorite household cleaning items straight to your door each month, but now the product subscription service Grove Collaborative is making it super easy for you to get items for your kids as well. As the entire world knows, hand sanitizer is a hot commodity these days, and everyone needs a protective face covering, so Grove's new line of kid face masks and hand sanitizer is pretty great.

Apparently, the company has experienced a 450% increase in their hand sanitizer purchases on their website since March, and they’ve been having to restock four times as often as in the first half of 2019. (Gee, I wonder why?) But Grove saw the need for these products, and is now making “affordable, eco-conscious essentials to keep germs — and harsh chemicals — at bay.”

For $4, the hand sanitizer comes in three different scents — pear, watermelon, and my favorite, lavender. It's the perfect size to drop in your bag or pop in your child's backpack or diaper bag, and there’s also coconut oil in there to keep hands moisturized.

The reusable face masks are super cute, stylish, and come in fun colors and patterns. But most importantly, they’re triple layered, 100% organic cotton “with an antimicrobial silver inner coating." The masks are supposed to last 40 washes before needing to be replaced, which is great, since the three-packs are $13. They even have a water-resistant coating on the outside.

And even better, Grove Collaborative is sticking to their promise of providing high-quality, healthy products, because the company worked with the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to ensure that all products in the line are EWG verified. That means these items are free of any chemicals that EWG lists as concerning.

The collection launches today, so be sure to check out Grove’s website to snag this new collection for your kiddos. And like all Grove products, you can purchase these items and then update your subscription service to make sure your child never runs out of masks or hand sanitizer.