'Floribama Shore' Star Gus Is Even More Lovable On Instagram

While they're in the Floribama Shore house, there isn't much the cast members do that isn't being filmed. Thus, fans get to feel like they're really getting to know the stars of the show. However, the cast doesn't spend every day of their lives in the beach house. Instead, they have their own lives outside of the show, which viewers are genuinely curious about. Thankfully, with social media, it's pretty easy to keep up with what's going on in the cast's lives from day to day. For instance, Gus from Floribama Shore's Instagram gives fans a glimpse into his work and personal life.

On the show, it's very easy to see that Gus is attractive, and he's been honest about the fact that he's a model, but there's more to Gus than just his looks. Gus has become a fan favorite because viewers are in love with his personality as well as his looks. Though there's a lot of drama on the show, Gus seems to stay out of it for the most part. He appears to just be a fun loving guy, something that is also evident on his Instagram. You can check out some of his Instagram posts below and get to know a bit more about the popular Floribama Shore star.

He Hangs Out With His Cast Mates

Even when they're not all living in the beach house, Gus makes time to hang out with his fellow Floribama Shore cast mates. Despite the drama and fights they get into in the house, Gus obviously enjoys spending time with his cast, even when he doesn't have to. Here he is celebrating Kortni's birthday.

He Likes To Stay In Shape

There's no doubt that Gus is in great shape, but he works hard to stay that way. Working on his fitness is one of the ways Gus spends his time outside of the beach house and his cast mate, Jeremiah, even joins him.

He Loves Spending Time With His Family

Gus' has made it clear before that his family is really important to him. That's why it shouldn't be surprising that whenever he has the time he's hanging out with his fam.

He's Hitting The Red Carpet

Now that he's a celeb, Gus is going to red carpet events. Here he is at the MTV Movie & TV Awards along with the rest of his Floribama Shore cast.

He Loves To Party

As is seen on the show, Gus loves to hang out at the club just like the rest of his cast mates. Here he is at the popular Club La Vela, which the cast is often seen at on the show.

He Enjoys Travelling

One of the best things that's come out of being on Floribama Shore is the opportunities Gus now has to travel. In the caption of this photo he wrote, "Never though I'd get to travel, or ever really get out of the small town I'm from, or get out of some situations I was in but I've been extremely blessed." Here he is on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City.

He Goes To Book Cons

This may surprise you but you might actually run into Gus at a book event. That's because he's been on the cover of a number of very steamy books for a long time now. Last year he attended the Shameless Book Con with Jeremiah.

Based on his Instagram, Gus obviously keeps busy when he's not living in the beach house, hanging with the rest of the cast of Floribama Shore. Between his modeling, traveling, hanging out with family and friends, Gus is always busy. Still, though he does share a lot on social media, there are some things Gus seems to keep private, such as if he's dating anyone. Some fans think he and his co-star, Nilsa, might be together, but currently there's no concrete evidence.

So there's no way to know for sure other than to keep watching the show. If these two are dating, or dating anyone else even, it'll definitely take place on air.