OMG, Freshly Picked Is Having A *Huge* Sale & You're Going To Want In

'Tis the season for turkey, untangling Christmas lights, and mega shopping sales. When it comes to buying for your children, the sales seem especially hard to resist. Whether it's footed pajamas, toys, or the latest Disney princess, all parents are in a hurry to get their kids what they'll need (and love) while saving a few bucks. Which means if you've ever looked at a single Instagram account, you've probably had your eye on the Freshly Picked moccasins for kids. At around $60 a pair, it's easy to lust, but you guys — there's a Freshly Picked sale, and you're really going to want in.

Created by Susan Petersen in 2009, Freshly Picked is the curator of the world's most adorable leather baby and toddler shoes. From pairs adorned with bows to metallic moccasins to new boots, there's literally a pair for everyone. And this year, Freshly Picked has made it incredibly easy to score your favorites. Starting Nov. 20 through Nov. 27, there will be 25 percent off almost everything, including new items like the Chelsea Boots, Bow Moccs, and Penny Loafers. Bonus: Petersen will be hosting an advent calendar each night where she'll reveal new launches and surprises. You can follow along on Freshly Picked's Instagram.

So ready to shop? Make sure you check out Freshly Picked's sizing guide so you can get just the right pair for your kids. Depending on the shoe, there are different sizes, and they don't all fit your "standard" shoe size. Luckily, the customer service at Freshly Picked is impeccable, so if you need help choosing which pair to buy, a representative should be able to steer you in the right direction.

You also don't have to worry about these shoes succumbing to the wear and tear of toddlers. Made of 100 percent genuine cow hide leather and tested against even the rowdiest children, Freshly Picked promises that these shoes will last. There's elastic at the opening to make it easy to put the shoes on and take them off, but here's the really exciting news: Freshly Picked shoes actually stay on your child's feet.

At around $60 a pair, this sale is especially huge. Some of your favorites, including the scalloped Mary Janes, could be available for as low as $45, which is really a steal for shoes that will last. The soft sole shoes are the most popular, and are perfect for play, for dressier days, or for simply taking charge during the local library story time.

Personally, I'm ready to blow my paycheck on this sale and pick up my favorites in all sizes for my daughter and the future babies I don't even have yet. Freshly Picked is the essence of childhood. The shoes are in classic designs, they come in every color you can think of from bright, happy metallics to sweet, vintage-looking pastels, and they go with every outfit in your child's closet. Whether they're rocking overalls and a striped t-shirt on the playground or pulling on fancy tights for Christmas pictures, Freshly Picked shoes will complete an outfit.

According to the Freshly Picked website, Petersen created the business when she became frustrated with the lack of functional, well-designed baby shoes available to her. Any mom knows that the horror of baby shoes is that they don't fit correctly (especially if your baby isn't walking yet), they're often clunky and awkward on baby's feet, and you're always picking them up off the floor. When my own daughter was about 18 months, we lost one of her boots in Target thanks to it simply falling off her foot, and I literally cried for two days over the money and the fact that they were the only boots she had. If only I had a Freshly Picked sale to pick up the broken pieces of my heart...

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