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If You Have A Gymboree Gift Card, You Need To Use It ASAP

It's hard to find a brand of clothes for your kids that you really love. You know, one where the size is always right, the style is on point, and the price fits your budget. So when those brands go out of business? Oof. It hurts. For a lot of parents, Gymboree has been the one-stop shop for all of their kids' constant clothing needs, and with the store filing bankruptcy, many are ready to score some deals. But if you're planning on using the Gymboree gift cards left in your wallet, you'll want to act fast. Apparently it's not going to take long before they're just obsolete bits of plastic with literally zero value.

In a statement on the Gymboree website, Gymboree Group CEO Shaz Kahng wrote that the company has "made the gut-wrenching decision to voluntarily file for Chapter 11 protection in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and for Gymboree, Inc. to commence proceedings under the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act in Canada." Without giving an exact date, Kahng also wrote that the Gymboree, Gymboree Outlet, and Crazy 8 stores and websites would be closing soon, but the company is planning to sell the Janie & Jack brand. So what does that mean for your gift cards? In a press release, the company noted that they have "authorization from the Court to continue to honor customer gift cards for 30 days." According to USA Today, that could mean Feb. 15 is the last day to use your Gymboree gift cards if the request is accepted, but a final date hasn't been announced.

If you're hoping to save some money on Gymboree sales with the store's rewards programs, you're already out of luck. In the aforementioned press release, the company explained that it has already discontinued its "GymBucks and Gymboree Rewards programs effective immediately."

As with the closing of Toys "R" Us last year, everyone is looking for big sales at Gymboree. As of right now, there are no dates for specific closing sales, but the website is currently advertising a 50 percent off everything sale, with a limited time offer of free shipping. If you're looking to score big, especially if you're hoping to use your Gymboree gift card to do it, now's the time. As with the Toys "R" Us deals, items aren't expected to last long. With big cuts to things like shoes and closet staples such as jeans and tees, parents everywhere will be hoping to stock up.

And if you're worried about the Gymboree Play and Music centers, fear not. According to the press release from the company, the Gymboree Play and Music entity is separate from the clothing stores. While you might have a limited time to use your Gymboree gift cards to stock up on sweet clothing deals, you can still enjoy the classes for your toddlers and kids without worry, which is pretty major. I mean, losing great kids' clothes is tough enough, but losing the chance to wear them out on a Saturday morning? Oy. So head to your local Gymboree before it closes and wipe out the balance on that gift card. You should be able to get a pretty great haul.