Hallmark's 2019 Keepsake Ornament Collection Includes Major Disney Classics

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Growing up, our family Christmas tree’s branches would always sag under the weight of all the ornaments we had. And there was never a theme or color scheme for our tree. There were multicolored lights, and a hodgepodge of different ornaments all over the tree. It would literally take all day to decorate the tree, but it was one of my favorite traditions — except for the part where we had to remove all the ornaments and put them away after Christmas was over. So I know my mom would be happy to see that the 2019 keepsake Hallmark ornaments are here, and they include not only all of our favorite Disney classics, but a ton of other movie classics — even Harry Potter.

Back when malls were still a thing, my Mom, Memaw, and I would head over to the Hallmark Store every year when the keepsake ornaments dropped. We collected all the snowmen, Santas, Peanuts, and Precious Moments ornaments, and it became a tradition. The Hallmark keepsake ornaments looked so lovely with our other 5,000 ornaments we had collected from family trips, Target, Walmart, or wherever we could find ornaments. Since I don't think there are very many freestanding Hallmark stores around anymore — if any — these ornaments are all on the Hallmark website, and they have free shipping when you order them in August. Plenty of time for the ornaments to get to your house and for you to have them on your tree by the day after Thanksgiving. (But seriously guys can we please celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving first?)

Whether you're in love with classic Disney like Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Dumbo, or if you're super into Harry Potter or the Ghostbusters, there are definitely some ornaments for you that will look amazing on your tree.


'The Little Mermaid' Part Of Your World Musical Ornament

Not only is this Little Mermaid ornament beautiful to look at with her glittery tail, Ariel-red hair, and beautiful moon in the background, but it's musical, too. The ornament plays "Part of Your World" while the moon glows in the background.


Disney Mickey Mouse A Year Of Disney Magic 2019

I mean, who doesn't love a festively dressed Mickey Mouse on their Christmas tree? Go classic Disney with Mickey sitting on a 2019.


'Beauty and the Beast' Bonjour! Ornament

I mean, this is most certainly one of my favorite moments in Beauty and the Beast, except for when he shows her the library in the castle of course. I've always wanted to roll across a shelf of books on a ladder because of this scene. Celebrate your love of Belle, books, and bookstores with this classic ornament.


'Dumbo' Baby Mine Porcelain Ornament

Since I can't just fill a product description in an article with thousands of sobbing emojis, I guess I'll just have to remind you of how beautiful of a mother and child relationship the two elephants had in Dumbo. This ornament honors that relationship and would look so sweet on your Christmas tree. Just have a box of tissues ready when you admire it.


Disney Winnie-the-Pooh, Home Is Where the Hunny Is Ornament

Don't you just love this cozy content Winnie-the-Pooh? He's definitely in his element with all the honey and honey pots around him. What makes this ornament even more special is that there's a lovely light in his little space filled with honey, and the back of the ornament is in the shape of a honey pot.


'Toy Story' Woody Is on a Mission! Ornament

Some may not call Toy Story "classic" Disney per se, since it is a Disney/Pixar film, but since I watched it in the movie theater when I was in the 4th grade, I consider it classic Disney. And this Woody ornament is making my heart jump for joy. Move over Tom Cruise, Woody is the new agent in town performing Mission Impossible.


'Peter Pan' Tinker Bell Metal Ornament

Isn't this metal Tinker Bell ornament classic and just beautiful? According to the video on the Hallmark website of how this Tinker Bell was made, the designer/artist used real crystals for her delicate wings. Simply magical.


'Aladdin' "A Whole New World" Porcelain Ornament

Aladdin and Jasmine will look like they're soaring through your Christmas tree on a magic carpet ride if you snag one of these gorgeous Whole New World keepsake ornaments this year.


'Cinderella' A Dream Come True Ornament

This gorgeous Cinderella ornament has fabric accents, which include a beautiful tulle overlay that makes Cinderella's dress even more magical and shimmery. A must-have for your Christmas tree if you're a Disney fan.


'The Lion King' 25th Anniversary Musical Ornament

Y'all. This ornament is so awesome. Not only does it light up behind the famous trio, but it also plays "Hakuna Matata." Perfection. You'll definitely be feeling stress-free vibes this holiday season. And I'm pretty sure we could all use some of that, right?

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