10 Halloween Charcuterie Boards To Turn Your Snacks Into Creepy & Chic Displays

If you're throwing any sort of Halloween party, having a spooky spread to feed your guests is a must. While there are a plethora of Halloween-themed food ideas that have been around for eons (spaghetti worms and hot dog fingers ring a bell?), Halloween charcuterie boards are the latest trend in scary delicious treats, and the creativity behind these ghastly creations does not disappoint.

Charcuterie boards are traditionally filled with deli meats, cheeses, olives, crackers, as well as other bite-sized deliciousness, and are perfect for gatherings where multiple people will be noshing on snack foods. While many Halloween charcuterie boards will contain similar accouterments, creators of creepy boards take it a step further by adding skeletons and spiders or other bloodcurdling accessories.

For a more family-friendly approach to a Halloween charcuterie board, you can also opt for sweet treats like candy or cookies and fun themes like jack-o-lanterns or candy corn to create a board that is universally appealing and loads of fun.

These Halloween charcuterie boards by Instagram users are filled with tricks, treats, and yummy goodies that will make your ghoulish get-together the hit of the neighborhood this Halloween. Putting together a stellar board may even earn you more neighborhood street cred than being the lady at the end of the block who hands out full-sized candy bars. Take a look at these Halloween charcuterie boards if you're in need of some inspiration ahead of the spookiest day of the year.


Candy Skeleton

I'm getting all of the creepy cool vibes from this Halloween charcuterie board by @sweet_everything. Mom Evelyn made this board filled with tasty tricks and treats for a movie night. She added Halloween candies like candy corns, gummy body parts, and ghost-shaped marshmallows to a platter with pretzels and popcorn on top of a decorative skeleton to create a skeletal delight that just screams Halloween fun.


Creepy Spiders & A Skeleton Hand

Mom Brandi Pinciotti on her page @brandipinciotti created this Halloween charcuterie board as a special seasonal treat for her kids. As a fun way to inject some creepy fun into their day, her board includes a skeleton hand and pretend spiders. In addition to traditional meats, cheeses, and crackers, she completes her spooky board with ghost-shaped chips from Trader Joe's and pumpkin pie hummus to round out the Halloween theme.


Pumpkin Carrots & Mummy Baked Brie

A fancy take on a Halloween-themed charcuterie board, Instagram user @_lovelayne_ adds baked brie with pastry strips draped over the top to look like a mummy to her board. Carrots cut into the shape of miniature pumpkins and bats cut out of cheese are adorable additions to this board, filled with treats that are not only delicious but aesthetically pleasing as well.


Candy, Cookies, & More Candy

Husband and wife design duo Kayla and Josh are the masterminds behind Gray House Design Co. in Charleston, South Carolina, and posted this fun candy spread on one of their traditional wooden charcuterie boards. They filled their Halloween charcuterie board with popular Halloween candy, Halloween cookies, faux spiders, and a bottle of "poison" to give it a frightening vibe that's the perfect mix of scary and sweet.


Decorative Cookie Spread

Lynn Foley of Foley Cookies in Carlsbad, California posted this beautiful array of impeccably decorated Halloween cookies on her Instagram page @lynnstagrammm in celebration of a Halloween-themed birthday. In addition to cookies decorated with bright orange, yellow, and white candy corns, ghosts, and Halloween-themed birthday cakes, this Halloween charcuterie board design features a sprinkling of candies to fill in the gaps between the cookies and add a decorative appeal.


Sweet Treats Galore

This Halloween charcuterie board from Instagram user @chabried features classic Halloween candies like candy corn, jelly beans, and gummy worms by the handful, all gorgeously arranged on a wooden charcuterie board anchored by decorative Halloween cookies and white chocolate covered pretzels at either end. The simplicity of this board coupled with the bright colors of the sweet treats makes it a standout addition to any Halloween festivity.


'Donut' You Want A Treat?

Adding donuts to a Halloween charcuterie board gives you the option to serve it for dessert or breakfast, which would make you mom of the year in your kids' eyes. Dallas-based Interior designer Tricia Ann Garcia posted this ghoulishly gorgeous Halloween charcuterie board to her Instagram account @triciagarciainteriors that features a plethora of Halloween treats surrounding a chalkboard sign that reads "Witch's Kitchen," and added a skeleton hand to up the scare factor.


Skeletal Setup

Charcuterie boards are meant for grazing, and this spooky skeleton-themed Halloween charcuterie board by Instagram user and mom of three @mamaya_bymaya is ideal for feeding a crowd. She takes an array of traditional charcuterie ingredients like dried fruit, nuts, sliced meats, and veggies, and arranges them within and around a skeleton for a Halloween-themed board that is to die for.


Reaching For Scares

A few simple additions to a traditional meat and cheese board makes this Halloween charcuterie board by Guild Street Interior Design on their Instagram page @guildstreet perfect for a grownup Halloween party. Elegant miniature white pumpkins at either end of the board, tiny fake spiders, and skeleton hands reaching for roasted nuts, berries, and cheese cubes are a creepily chic way to decorate a Halloween charcuterie board.


Hands Off Those Scary Berries

Creepy skeleton hands are expertly arranged to appear as if they are grabbing the berries off of this Halloween charcuterie board arranged by lifestyle blogger and mom Jessica Simmons on her Instagram page @jessica.bsimmons. Adding pieces of bread as well as sliced deli meats and cheeses with fresh berries and chocolate covered pretzels to a Halloween charcuterie board gives it a great balance of salty, savory, and sweet to appeal to multiple palates.