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13 Kid-Friendly Halloween Costumes That Require Gloves

Everything these days is about reworking things in light of the pandemic. The Emmys were done via a giant Zoom, audience members on talk shows are now just big TV screens, and now, with the holidays rolling up, everyone needs to get creative in order to stay safe. Which is why I've rounded up Halloween costumes with gloves to help keep little hands protected this Halloween. (Because if the hands stay clean, then so does everything else.)

The CDC recently released guidelines for All Hallow's Eve, putting activities into three different categories: low risk, moderate risk, and high risk. Sadly, traditional trick-or-treating falls into the high risk category. It makes it seem like we should all just opt for Zentai suits and just stay on our couches.

But don't lose heart. That doesn't mean kids can't still dress up as their favorite characters or food item. I personally don't care if it ends up just being my son and I standing alone in our apartment, handing a single piece of candy corn back and forth to each other — my kid loves costumes, I love costumes, and we shall find a way to safely don severely over-priced plastic garments from Party City.

One possible way to help keep a kid's hands clean, so you don't spend the night chasing a little Pennywise with Purell, is to choose a costume that already requires gloves. There are a lot of options out there, but to help get the wheels turning, I've rounded up a few below.

Another costume complication? Masks. As in, the rubber masks kids love to wear with their costumes. Costume masks are not a great idea this year, as kids need to be in regular, protective face masks. And a mask on top of a mask could make it difficult to breathe. Luckily, there are loads of face masks that can be worn as costumes. Which I also took into account in the round-up below.

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Spider-Man of course needs gloves. He needs something to shoot that web from, right? And there are lots of Spider-Man face masks available, too. Superheroes in general could be a good way to go, really, as many of them wear gloves or have giant beast hands (Batman, Black Panther, the Hulk, Wolverine) and many of them have face mask alternatives.



Any of the princesses, really. What says princess more than a pair of long, elegant, fancy-shmancy gloves? Yes, Prince Charming doesn't typically wander the kingdom searching for the one special woman who fits an N95 mask, but such are the times we live in. And these Etsy masks printed with a princess mouth are pretty cute.


Inflatable Sloth

Probably the next best thing to sealing your child inside an actual bubble would be to opt for an inflatable costume. Kids are pretty much covered from head to toe in these things. (Though again, remember that if your kid is going to be out and about, you need to choose something where their face is still exposed, as you don't want them wearing a protective mask inside a costume.) There are loads of funny inflatable options out there, like this dino suit, or this red wavy arm guy.


Holly Golightly

No one does gloves more stylishly than Holly Golightly. This is the perfect costume for all of the whimsical 8-year-old Truman Capote fans out there. I know you're wondering: but what kind of face mask would pair with such a get-up? Well, how about one of these Tiffany & Company masks from Etsy?


A Big Pickle

Now here's a costume that's all about the gloves. Look at those big 'ol pickle hands! And there are endless face mask pairings for this one. A pickle mask. A hamburger mask. Or they could wear this ice cream mask with the pickle costume and go as a Pregnancy Craving.


Ripley From 'Alien'

I think this is a really fun one. You get yourself this gloved spacesuit, then you ditch the helmet, and instead get your kid this facehugger Alien mask to wear. This costume is super gross, safe, and fun. A pandemic Halloween win!


Edward Scissorhands

These Edward Scissorhand gloves offer excellent hand protection, and are the perfect costume piece when your child wants to dress as a melancholy hairdresser with knife fingers. Your child won't really be able to touch or grab much of anything in a pair of these. Made with safe plastic blades, these will pair nicely with, yes, a Scissorhands face mask.



Slender-man is all about the hands. In particular, the long creepy fingers. While your kid might not be thrilled that they can't wear the face-less hood, there are, of course, Slender-man face masks out there.


Werewolf Or Other Beast

A werewolf, a cat, a gorilla, a lion — beasts are great choices, as there are lots of beastly glove options, as well as animal face masks. Or if your child prefers mythical creatures with fewer fangs, there's a really adorable pair of unicorn gloves available from Target that can later be used as winter mittens.


Minnie Mouse

Minnie and Mickey Mouse are also big fans of keeping those hands covered. As are Buzz Lightyear and Violet from The Incredibles. Really, Disney has quite a few gloved characters one could choose from. They also have a sweet selection of cloth face masks.



Who ya gonna call? Dr. Fauci! This fancy Ghostbusters ensemble comes with gloves and a proton backpack. It can be worn by both boys and girls, because as Kate McKinnon has shown us, females can fight the supernatural perfectly well, thank you very much. The best mask pairing for this one? A Slimer mouth, of course.


Double-Gloved Freddy

True, Mr. Krueger is known for only wearing his terrifying knives upon one hand, but what if Freddy turned it up a notch this year and wore two gloves? I mean, why not? It's double the nightmare! And before you even ask, yes, there is a Freddy face mask available, and it even has a protective filter to keep your little monster safe.


The Year 2020

Okay, yes, I see the child pictured here isn't wearing gloves, but he totally should be. What this costume needs is a matching brown sweatsuit underneath, some brown gloves, and this tasteful toilet paper face mask. And there you have it. The perfect costume for this utter sh*tshow of a year.