'Hamilton' Cast Dedicated A Lullaby To "The Next Generation" On Election Day

It's easy enough for parents to get distracted when they're voting this year with COVID-19, mail-in ballots, and long line-ups throwing impediments in your way at every turn. But it's important not to lose sight of why you are voting. If anyone needs a reminder, Hamilton cast members dedicated a song to kids on Election Day, "Dear Theodosia." Nine men singing via Zoom about wanting to "make it right" for the children in this country. It's powerful, beautiful, and exactly what parents need to hear right now.

Men who have played Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton from the award-winning Broadway show Hamilton got together to sing one of the most beautiful songs from a play full of beautiful songs. "Dear Theodosia" is a lullaby sung to the newborn children of Burr and Hamilton about wanting to make the country a better place for them. And it could not feel more prescient or significant than it does on Election Day.

As the chorus of the song goes, "If we lay a strong enough foundation/We'll pass it on to you, we'll give the world to you/And you'll blow us all away/Someday, someday/Yeah, you'll blow us all away."

This new performance of "Dear Theodosia" was shared on Hamilton's social media pages on Tuesday with a special dedication alluding to lyrics from the song, "Today, we vote for the next generation as well as our own. You will come of age with our young nation. We WILL make it right for you. #VOTE for our future."

The issues at hand in the 2020 election naturally affect the next generation. As a record 102 million people have already voted early across the country and more flock to the polls to cast their ballot and make their voices heard on issues like systemic racism, the coronavirus pandemic, climate change, and more, the song "Dear Theodosia" is resonating with people. Parents, of course, like this parent who wrote, "I vote not only for my son, but I vote with him. I hold his hand and I guide him to the selection and we cast the ballot together. He’s 10 and begs to go with me."

Registered voters aren't the only ones moved by this beautiful dedication; it's also kids who are paying attention to the election but are not yet able to vote themselves, like this social media user who wrote, "This hits close to home for me, because you could consider me the next generation. I'm not old enough to vote, but I'm strongly opinionated about politics. Hope everything goes well. Sending love."

The way we vote in 2020 will change the future of this country, will change the world our kids inhabit. Someday, they need the chance to blow us all away. Just like the song says.