Harley-Davidson Has Electric Balance Bikes For Kids & They're So Freaking Cool

by Lindsay E. Mack

A classic American company is making your kid's first experiences on two wheels a little cooler than ever. Harley-Davidson's electric balance bikes for kids combine the latest in bike tech with the legendary company's amazing style. The result is a machine that will help your kid fall in love with bikes in no time.

Available in two different sizes, the electric balance bikes from Harley-Davidson offer kids a unique way to ride around the park or neighborhood streets. Designed for riders between the ages of 3 to 5, the IRONE12 bike has 12" composite wheels with pneumatic tires. The 13" seat is ideal for these smaller riders, and the bike's total weight of 17 pounds with the battery is easy for most kids to manage. The next size up is the IRONE16 bike with 16" composite wheels and a 17" seat, designed for kids around the ages of five to seven. Each bike comes with its own battery that charge in one hour or less, and they provide 30 to 60 minutes of power. It's also possible to purchase backup batteries for kids who feel the need for speed all afternoon long.

And if you're concerned about your tot just peeling out down the driveway, these bikes have plenty of safety features on hand to help younger riders develop their skills. First, there are the ride modes. In low mode, riders can cruise along at a speed similar to them pushing the bike manually, at approximately 5 mph. Medium mode rolls along at a slightly higher speed around 7 mph, while high mode is for kids who have demonstrated their balance and skill on the bike. It tops out at 9 to 11 mph, depending on the bike model. It's even powered by a twist throttle, adding to the coolness factor.

In addition, kids are instructed to wear a helmet and closed-toe shoes whenever riding one of these electric bikes. If you're into matching gear, then helmets, gloves, shirts, graphic kits and extra batteries are all available available at Harley-Davidson dealers.

Speaking of which, you'll need to find a local Harley-Davidson dealer in order to purchase one of these bikes. Just enter your ZIP on the Find A Dealer site to find one nearby.

In addition to the different model sizes, each bike can be specifically fitted to your kid. The seat is adjustable, and it's designed to ride low for greater balance. It's easy for your kid to stick out a foot at any time to regain balance.

But the descriptions alone don't tell this bike's full story. Check out the awesome (and adorable) IRONe Kids Balance E-Bike Race from X-Games to get a better sense of how these machines can move. Notice how the riders can regain their footing at any time to help stay upright as they navigate the track.

If your kid has already shown an interest in bikes, then the Harley-Davidson IRONE12 or IRONE16 would make an amazing birthday or holiday gift. Your speedster will learn amazing lessons in coordination, balance, and generally being awesome.