Does Rachel's Baby Call Jon "Daddy" On 'Before The 90 Days'?

Jon and Rachel seem to be in love, but there's an element of their relationship that the other 90 Day Fiancé couples aren't dealing with: a baby. Has Jon adopted Rachel's baby from 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days? Fans will have to wait more for confirmation on the show.

There's no indication from Rachel and Jon's social media accounts (including their joint Instagram, @followourfairytale) that Jon has taken the leap and adopted Lucy, Rachel's baby daughter. Even though their relationship at first blossomed over social media, Jon has actually been a big part of Lucy's life thus far.

The two fell in love, according to Rachel, on the karaoke app Smule and they instantly liked each other. At the time, though, Rachel was pregnant with another man's baby — always a bit of an awkward situation. Even though they broke up, Rachel was unsure of how Jon would feel about getting together when Rachel has a brand new baby. But that didn't matter to Jon. When Lucy was born, Rachel would include her in her video chats with him. On August 26, Jon uploaded a photo of him and Lucy on Instagram and explained how much he was involved with the little girl.

"I’ve waited 9 months to share this photos with the world," Jon said in the caption. "I was never a stranger to Lucy she’s knew [sic] my face and voice and when we met in person she knew me and knew she was loved." On the joint instagram, Rachel posted a screenshot from a video chat that also shows how involved Jon was — well, as involved as he could be thousands of miles away:

"Jon sings Lucy a little lullaby and she falls asleep on the call- the cuteness is real," Rachel wrote in July of 2017. Despite how much Lucy got to know Jon over a phone screen, meeting her in real life proved stressful for him. When Rachel traveled with Lucy all the way to Jon's hometown, their first night wasn't exactly blissful. He went out of his way to set up a baby room for her complete with a club and toys, which I have to admit was pretty sweet. But Jon had never been around a baby before (according to both he and Rachel) and it showed.

When Rachel wanted to get cozy in Jon's room — after all, it was their first night ever IRL with each other — Jon wanted to go check up on Lucy. And once he did, she burst into tears. The following episode wasn't much better. Jon and Rachel took a trip to meet Jon's sister, Abigail, who seemed concerned that Jon doesn't know anything about babies. It of course takes a bit of time to get used to being a parent, but Jon and Rachel are only spending two weeks together. Will Jon feel ready to be a dad after those two weeks?

That question is still up in the air, especially when Rachel started a conversation about having Lucy call Jon "daddy." Jon vetoed the idea, considering that Lucy's "real" father is out there. So as of now, it doesn't look like Jon has officially adopted Lucy; if he had, he would probably be more comfortable with Lucy calling him "dad." Then again, considering that Jon and Rachel seem very happy and in love on social media, this may change. For now, though, fans need to keep watching Before the 90 Days to see if Jon warms up to the idea of being Lucy's (adopted) father.