Having Sex Dreams While Pregnant? There’s a Reason For Those R-Rated Fantasies

You wake up in the middle of the night, heave your pregnant self to the bathroom and find that you’re already wet. You start to panic. Did your water break? Did you pee all over yourself? Oh wait. Weren’t you having a hot and heavy fantasy moments before you woke up? Ah. That explains it. Sex dreams while pregnant are a totally normal occurrence, and may even be something to look forward to come bed time (because getting up to pee every hour and not being able to find a comfortable sleeping position has ruined the experience.)

It’s no surprise that woman may find themselves fantasizing more when there’s baby on board. During pregnancy, What To Expect notes that there’s an increase of blood flow to your most erogenous zones, including your breasts and groin, which can make the areas more sensitive. Add in the extra levels of estrogen and increased vaginal secretions, and it’s a wonder all pregnant women don’t wake up from dreaming about Ryan Gosling every night.

Even if sex is the absolute last thing on your mind, having an orgasm-inducing dream can still happen. And when they do, you may wonder what they mean. Here, an analysis of three common pregnancy sex dreams.


Getting It On With a Variety of Partners

This fantasy is fairly straightforward. Bustle reported that dreaming of yourself in sexual scenarios could mean you’re looking for intimacy with your partner. Luckily there’s an easy solution to that — get intimate. Despite common misconceptions, pregnancy sex is totally safe for you, your partner, and your baby. And don’t forget, there are other, non physical ways to be intimate with someone.


Swimming In The Same-Sex Pond

Many pregnant ladies report having sex dreams about other women, even if they’ve never been attracted to women. This doesn’t mean you’ve had a shift in sexual preference. Rather, Parents noted that your newfound appreciation for the female body and all that it’s capable of may be causing you to find females a little more attractive.


F*cking An Ex

Pregnancy and Newborn magazine notes that fantasizing about an ex doesn’t mean you love your partner any less. What it could mean is that you’re thinking of closure. Not necessarily for a former flame, but for any relationship that makes you uneasy. Being at peace with all your relationships will allow more room for your sweet babe in your heart.

No matter who you’re dreaming of in your sleepy sexcapades, know that these dreams are based off your emotions about an upcoming adventure — motherhood. Excitement and apprehension could manifest themselves into orgasmic dreams about your high school science teacher or that girl from your yoga class. Embrace it and enjoy the midnight pleasures.