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This Hello Kitty Pasta & Tomato Sauce Is Almost Too Cute To Eat, But Eat It Anyway

Attention Hello Kitty lovers: you can now demonstrate your devotion by scarfing down everyone's favorite comfort food. That's right, Hello Kitty Pasta and Hello Kitty Pasta Sauce are now available to buy online, thanks to World Market, and whether you're a fan of Sanrio's adorable cartoon kitten or simply need a way to entice a picky child into eating, you've got a new pasta preference... and it's pretty much purrfect. (I'm sorry, I had to.)

To celebrate the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty and upcoming season of the Japanese Omatsuri, World Market has launched an entire Hello Kitty collection in collaboration with Sanrio. "In Japan, Omatsuri are traditional festivals that take place throughout the year," explains a joint press release from Sanrio and World Market. This special collection includes plush toys, tote bags, coffee mugs, trinkets, beauty products, and, of course, pasta.

The Hello Kitty Organic Pasta features pieces shaped like the iconic character as well as her bow, and cooks in seven to nine minutes according to packaging. Which is great, since that's about as long as I can wait to eat once I have pasta on the brain. Douse it with the Hello Kitty Tomato Basil Italian Pasta Sauce, and you've got a meal that's as quick and easy as it is straight-up adorbs. The pasta retails at $6 for a 1.1 pound bag, and the sauce runs $7 for a 19.6 oz. jar. Did I mention that both products are made in Italy? That more or less guarantees they're going to be good.

Both items are available at any Cost Plus World Market, but be warned that they'll only be around for a short time. If you're lucky enough to live in Irvine or San Jose, California or Las Vegas, you can also find these goodies at your local Hello Kitty Cafe. Side note: am I the only one who didn't know those even existed? Do yourself a favor and Google Image search these cafes... they're out-of-this-world sweet.

Want to have a full Hello Kitty-themed meal? Pair your pasta with some Hello Kitty Fizzy Pop and satisfy your sweet tooth with the Hello Kitty Milk Chocolate Lottiepies. And if you're thinking this collection sounds like it's made for kids... ponder this over a bottle of Hello Kitty Collection Sparkling Rose. Seriously, this collection has something for everyone.

For any Hello Kitty fans sitting at home and salivating over this article, I have one more piece of good news for a lucky few. Per the official press release, "Fans will have a chance to meet Hello Kitty at five in store meet & greet events throughout August and September in select cities around the U.S." Four of these locations are throughout California, and the fifth is in Chicago.

Whether you're a lifelong Hello Kitty fan, you're raising one, or you're simply hoping these fun shapes will make mealtime a little easier, this pasta combo has your name on it. Pick it up at your local Cost Plus World Market, or grab a bag (or two) online today.