Polly Pocket Makeup & Accessories Are A Thing, What A Time To Be Alive

There's really no overstating the deep and abiding place in our hearts we all hold for nostalgia. Some of us more than others, I guess, but I think it's safe to say that many of us have certain toys from our childhood that remain important to us. And for many 90's kids out there, it's the confectionery-colored joy of Polly Pockets that continue to make them smile to this day. Because who didn't love being supreme overlord of the tiny, perfect world of Polly Pockets? Honestly, it was a pretty great power trip. And now you can buy Polly Pockets makeup and accessories, so everyone can go ahead and stop growing up right now.

That's right, folks. We are mere days away from being able to enjoy some wonderful new products in honor of the 30th anniversary of the Mattel toy, yes that's right it's genuinely been 30 years since Polly Pockets were first invented. Take a moment to gather your thoughts, this is obviously heavy news.

OK, now that we've all come to terms with these facts we can celebrate the big Polly Pocket anniversary by shopping at Hot Topic in store or online as of Jan. 16 for some delightful new items, most of which are in that particular shade of Polly Pocket pink.

The popular pop culture retailer has partnered with Mattel to create Hot Topic x Polly Pocket, a line of 17 different products including makeup, hats, wallets, pins... so many Polly Pocket items. Like a Hot Topic x Polly Pocket lip palette that sells for $14.90 and offers four shades, from bright pink to red to neutrals. Eat your heart out Kylie Jenner... don't quote me but I feel like this might be the new Lip Kit we've all been looking for.

Of course, every collection has to have one big ticket item if we're going to take it seriously as shoppers. And in the Hot Topic x Polly Pocket collection, the big ticket item is actually mini. An adorable mini backpack to house your secret Polly Pocket collection plus whatever adult items you feel you need to carry with you for $39.90.

Now this isn't the first time a retailer had the brilliant idea to capitalize on every 90's girl's secret love of Polly Pockets; in 2017, Lime Crime launched Polly Pocket-inspired eye shadow palettes that were sold in those sweet Polly Pocket clam shell cases. Can I also just go ahead and mention these eye shadows were vegan and cruelty free? So if you really wanted to go Full Polly, you could have eye shadow, lip palette, mini backpack, t-shirt... the world could be your Polly Pocket clam shell.

The only really bad news I have for you is that you're going to have to wait until Wednesday to fulfill all of your Polly Pocket dreams. But considering how long it might have been since you got to actually hang out and play with the pint-sized little cuties, it will probably fly by.

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