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Get To Krispy Kreme For A Gingerbread Doughnut Before It's Too Late

Yesterday I was driving in my car, finishing up my Christmas shopping with a coffee in my hand. I was pretty proud of myself getting everything done, and I needed a little something. A treat just for me that said, Girl, you did it. You're amazing. Get yourself something delicious. I ignored that wise voice, to my detriment. Because time is running out on that one treat I wanted more than anything; here's how to get Gingerbread Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, so that you don't have to have that same regret that I have. It's almost too late, and this is why we should always listen to our stomachs.

If ever there was a woman who was so perfectly designed for Krispy Kreme's marketing campaign of limited release treats, her name is me. Especially when those treats are holiday-specific, like the Gingerbread-glazed doughnuts the company has in stores this Christmas. Because let's face it, the gingerbread spice combination is essentially the most perfect thing for a cold winter day, and eating it in soft doughnut form is clearly so, so much better than eating a gingerbread cookie. First of all, doughnuts don't have faces, so I don't have to deal with some weird guilt emotions. Second of all, that's really all you need to know. Doughnuts are the best.

Even the geniuses at Krispy Kreme pointed out that every time you eat a gingerbread-glazed doughnut you are saving the life of a gingerbread human, as per KSAT News. And I've watched enough cartoons to consider this a very real possibility.

So that's the good news; here comes the bad news. Krispy Kreme is only offering this delicious doughnut made with cinnamon and ginger and coated in a gingerbread molasses glaze for a very short period of time. The doughnuts hit stores on Dec. 19... and they will be gone by the end of the day tomorrow. Christmas Eve. Just when you need them most.

Which means if you don't stock up, you might be reduced to gnawing on gingerbread people like every other year to get that holiday spice fix.

If you can get yourself organized and get to your local Krispy Kreme tomorrow in the midst of the annual Christmas Eve panic that tends to ensue, you can actually grab one. Or two. Or a dozen and then just tell your family it's holiday doughnuts for dessert on Christmas Day and save yourself from all that baking.

If you happen to have people around who don't like gingerbread, Krispy Kreme has them covered too. There are several other holiday flavors available this season; Holiday Plaid, Santa's Belly (a chocolate Kreme-filled doughnut dipped in red icing), and Ugly Sweater Penguin or Reindeer (an original doughnut dipped in green icing and decorated with sprinkles to look like a sweater).

As much as I hope everyone gets out before Christmas to indulge in a little gingerbread-glazed doughnut goodness tomorrow, I can't help but worry... that I won't get to the store on time. But I guess it is the season of giving, after all.

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