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It Doesn't Matter How Much Beyonce Spends On The Twins

by Korey Lane

One thing you probably haven't been reading about a lot lately is Beyoncé, am I right? OK, OK, that was a joke. Obviously, with the news that Queen Bey has reportedly given birth to her twins, the singer/national treasure has been dominating the headlines recently, and that's putting it lightly. While neither Bey nor husband JAY-Z have actually confirmed or denied reports that the twins have arrived, media everywhere have pounced on opportunities to speculate about the new family of five, especially how much they're spending on the little ones. But, it doesn't matter how much Beyoncé spends on her kids. Really, y'all, it doesn't.

Since the twins' reported birth, various publications have taken an interest in how much money the couple is shelling out on their new babes. Including, as annoying as it is, alleging that Bey, 35, and JAY-Z, 47, are dropping millions of dollars on pacifiers. Yeah. Per an unnamed, anonymous source that spoke with Life and Style, "Jay fell in love with $2.5 million bejeweled pacifiers by Suommo and a 3-carat diamond pacifier set in 18K white gold for $17,000." While readers have been quick to criticize the couple's lavish taste, regardless of whether or not those reports are even true, that's really not the point. The thing is, even if Bey and JAY-Z did drop that much dough on their kids, it doesn't matter.

Look, it makes sense to be a bit envious of celebrities and their higher-than-average salaries, but that doesn't give anyone the right to judge them, especially when it comes to parenting choices.

According to Life and Style's "insider," "The twins’ luxe lives are easily in the $10 million range," although, again: it doesn't matter. "Bey and Jay can afford to pamper them like a prince and princess," the source added, also claiming that Bey "commissioned a $20,000 mural on the ceiling, complete with glowing stars."

Now, all this money aside, let's take a look at Bey's own net worth, shall we? In 2017, Forbes estimated it to be a cool $350 million. Clearly, the Queen isn't struggling financially, and therefore can afford to spend however much she wants to on her babies. Seriously, she's earned it.

It is worth noting, once again, that the reports of the "$3,600 Versace strollers and $1,200 Burberry diaper bags," are totally and completely unconfirmed. Regardless, the only time it should matter how much money a mother is spending on her children is if it's not enough, and you can do something to help out. Bey's spending habits are nobody's business but hers.