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Hilarious #WeirdAdviceMyMomGaveMe Tweets That Everyone Can Appreciate

Moms are the ultimate cheerleaders, the people who are sometimes more invested in their kids' lives than the kids themselves are. They always, always call, and they've got advice for literally every stage of life. From the classic "always wear clean underwear" to dispensing wisdom about careers, relationships, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they're usually good for practical, tried-and-true tips and tricks for trying really, really hard to succeed at life. But sometimes even our very sane, very sweet moms go rogue, and thus create the perfect content for hilarious #WeirdAdviceMyMomGaveMe tweets that everyone can appreciate.

Because in addition to being very sane, very sweet, and very loving, moms are whole, complicated people who just have to tell it like it is. For as many times as they tell us to mind our manners, they also sometimes have to remind us that we're a little doofy and we definitely don't know as much as we think we do, not matter how old we are. As the trending hashtag shows, sometimes that advice is a tad nonsensical, sometimes it's contradictory, and sometimes it's the total opposite of what you would ever expect a mom to say.

While no one wants to mindlessly do whatever their mom says no matter what, we usually discover sooner or later that she was right, and when we listen, we're glad we did. And because weirdness breeds more weirdness on the internet, the collection of strange advice Twitters have gotten from their moms reflects the whacky world we live in.

Luckily, heeding mom advice doesn't usually make us clones of them:

#WeirdAdviceMyMomGaveMe often starts with the basics, though, like be sure to keep a tidy room:

And to just do you:

There's no need to do it like everyone else, though:

Moms tend to discourage crazy faces:

But they love curfews:

But sometimes they know that if you are going to stay out late, it's better to be prepared:

Other times, their advice is a bit contradictory:

But they make up for it by showing off their uncanny mom-knack for predicting the future:

Or by being adorably oblivious:

No two moms are the same, and their off-the-wall advice can vary a lot. Always eat your vegetables may be standard in the momosphere, but they can really, really surprise us beyond that. And with #WeirdAdviceMyMomGaveMe, the internet showed Thursday night that we'd be in very different places right now if we didn't have our moms to guide us through conundrums with their sometimes impossibly strange suggestions.