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Hillary Clinton Channeled Regina George In This Sassy Response To Trump's Tweet

I'm going to hit you with the bad news first — Hillary Clinton won't be running for president in 2020. I can't say I blame her. Her 2016 bid to become the first woman President of the United States was somehow foiled by Donald Trump, and honestly that sort of thing takes some time to get over. Also, I think she's having a pretty great time with her new hobby: mocking Trump. And she's amazingly good at it. In fact, Hillary Clinton's Mean Girls' response to Trump's tweet about her was sassy perfection. I'm not sure that Trump will appreciate it, but Regina George would most certainly be proud of her.

President Trump recently took to Twitter to do a little crowing about the sad fact that Clinton had made the decision not to run for president in 2020, according to Vox. Because that's the classy thing to do, right?

On Tuesday, Trump sarcastically wrote on Twitter: "'(Crooked) Hillary Clinton confirms she will not run in 2020, rules out a third bid for White House.' Aw-shucks, does that mean I won’t get to run against her again? She will be sorely missed!"

That must have really stung poor Clinton and had her hiding her face in the sand in embarrassment, right? Wrong.

In response, Clinton shared a simple GIF on her own Twitter feed without saying a word about Trump but I feel like we all know it's about him. Because it's a GIF from Mean Girls of Regina George saying, "Why are you so obsessed with me?"

I mean, fair point. Why is he so obsessed with her? Technically he won the presidential election, although it still pains me to type this two years later, so why go after her? Perhaps because she's become a Trump-provoking specialist of the highest order?

Like that time at the 2018 Grammys when she, along with Cardi B and others, read an excerpt from Michael Wolff's bestselling novel Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House?

And of course she chose to read the bit about Trump's McDonald's obsession in the most deadpan voice ever, as reported by Rolling Stone.

It seems perhaps Clinton was right when she so aptly noted during a 2016 presidential debate that Trump could be provoked with a tweet, according to Vox.

Of course, this time around Clinton managed to respond without saying a word, just piggybacking onto the great Regina George. And Twitter is absolutely loving it.

"O....M....G!!!!!! Hillary you truly are the queen of shade!" one person tweeted. More chimed in with more their own GIFs.

If I were running for President of the United States in 2020, and big spoiler alert I'm not, I would consider keeping the former Secretary of State and chief Trump needler Hillary Clinton as close as she was willing to be. Because few people seem to rile Trump more than her. And watching her stay cool under pressure while he gets increasingly frustrated is genuinely entertaining. As well as instructive.