Hillary's Opening Statement About Granddaughter Proves She's Thinking Of The Future


Even before the first presidential debate of 2016 got underway, the internet was trying to conjure up the main talking points for the candidates. While Donald Trump seemed to be making a statement by breezily refusing to prepare, Hillary Clinton seems to have gone the more traditional route — probably because she knows Trump, and the media, will scrutinize each and every word she says on the debate stage. Hillary's opening statement proves she's thinking about the future, though, and proved preparing for a presidential debate, in the end (and in the beginning) pays off.

She gave a shout-out to her granddaughter, who turns two today, saying that because of her she's been thinking about the future a lot. She then turned her attention to the audience and those watching at home:

Clinton continued:

This isn't exactly Clinton's first rodeo; she's been in over 40 debates in her lifetime and knows the ropes better than most — certainly better than Trump, who hasn't exactly been a team player in the debate circuit this year. (Recall that when Megyn Kelly moderated one of the Republican debates earlier this year, Trump refused to attend.)

She did say, at a campaign event earlier this month, that she has "a tendency to over prepare" and can be the type of person to "sweat the details," according to CNN.

So it was really no surprise that Clinton offered a calm, collected and cohesive statement. While the first debate of election season will only feature a few of the hot-button topics to be discussed between the candidates before November's general election, Clinton managed to hit on her own campaign's personal high notes expertly and then, asked something very important of the audience:

However, perhaps the most important moment of her opening statement came when she spoke about her granddaughter and how often she thinks about the future.

While it's been suggested (sometimes subtly, sometimes not-so-subtly) that being a woman and a mother and a grandmother makes Clinton unfit for office, there's no denying that she cares about the future and the generations that deserve to have one.