Holiday Mocktails For Pregnant Women To Kick-Start Your Holiday Spirit

The holidays are officially upon us. 'Tis the season for family, celebrating old traditions and starting new ones, and giving as much as our hearts, and wallets, will allow. With all the stress that comes with the holiday season, there's no better way to end a busy shopping day than with a refreshing drink. If you're pregnant, you might wonder how you can enjoy a similar beverage, sans alcohol. The good news? There are absolutely delicious holiday mocktails for pregnant women that taste just as good as the real alcoholic deal, and take little-to-no time to throw together.

Creating mocktails — mock, alcohol-free cocktails — that replicate a traditional cocktail isn't all that difficult or time-consuming. And, because of the fresh fruits and herbs, or the addition of warm spices like ginger and cinnamon, it'll feel like drinking the comfort of the holidays in a glass. And trust me: when you're pregnant during arguably the busiest, most stress-filled time of the year, you're going to want to find any way to relax.

You absolutely don't have to stick to "lame" water during the holiday season, just because you're pregnant. Sure, you might need to avoid high-mercury fish, cold-cuts, unpasteurized cheeses, sushi, and sunny-side-up eggs, but you really don't have to give up your right to party (in a safe way, of course). So with that in mind, here are some creative ways to fill your holiday glass — guilt-free — with the most festive mocktails imaginable.

Chocolate Snow Tea

Today's Parent

Once you've checked off your gift-giving list, give in to that chocolate craving with this fruity, minty, chocolatey drink from Today's Parent contributor, Dee Brun. Not only does it sound festive, but it apparently tastes like the holidays in a cup, too.

Sparkling Spritzer


Nothing says "holidays" more than the sweet pepermint goodness of candy canes! This fruity drink with a peppermint twist from Parents will leave you feeling jolly enough to get through all the holiday parties with ease. Or, at the very least, your thirst will be quenched while you try.

Cranberry Sparkler

Martha Stewart

Leave it to Martha Stewart to take this holiday staple — cranberries — and recreate it into something elegant and tasty enough to pass as a typical cocktail. When you're trimming the tree, no one will ever know the difference between the usual cocktail and this alcohol-free refresher. Pregnancy has never tasted so good, my friends.

Christmas Mocktail

Lauren's Latest

What do you get when you combine the stringing of tree lights, holiday music, and a sugar-rimmed glass full of fruit juices and sparkling water? You get this incredibly fast and easy Christmas Mocktail from Lauren's Latest that combines all of the above, with a hint of holiday cheer. Drink up and be merry, guaranteed.

Pink Grapefruit & Pomegranate Soda

The Kitchn

If you're looking for a bit more of a challenge during the holidays (something to distract you from the party crowd for awhile), The Kitchn has you covered with a pink grapefruit and pomegranate soda, complete with a garnishment of actual pomegranate arils. So go ahead and take your time relishing in the process. Those awkward questions about your pregnancy will be there whenever you're finished.

Cran-Raspberry Sorbet Bellini

Country Cleaver

If all the shopping and gift-wrapping has you in need of a cool treat, this cran-rasberry sorbet bellini mocktail from Country Cleaver is as fancy as a fancy holiday drink gets. Sorbet is the transformative ingredient that takes the typical sparkler to decadent. Prepare to clink glasses.

Frost Bite Mocktail

The Little Kitchen

Whether you live in warm weather year-round, or you embrace the chilly temps every season, this frost bite mocktail from The Little Kitchen is all kinds of smooth and refreshing for your holiday season. Plus, it doubles as a fantastic visual aesthetic next to the tree ornaments, so prep your camera for an A+ Instagram photo-op.

Milk Punch

Kevin and Amanda

This cool, frothy recipe Kevin and Amanda deliver is without its usual alcoholic ingredient, but will remind you of a vanilla milkshake all the same. It's a mocktail for the holiday vanilla bean lovers at its core, giving you the urge to go out and build a snowman ASAP.

Hot Apple Pie Punch

BBC Good Food

The holidays are about comfort, to be sure, and this BBC Good Food holiday mocktail provides just that with its warm, cinnamon and apple-flavored goodness. While the option is there to add alcohol post-pregnancy, imagine yourself gathered around a fire with a steaming mug of hot apple pie punch.

Grinch Hot Chocolate

The Thrifty Couple

You can't spell "holidays" without "The Grinch." OK, so technically you can, but it's not a holiday without some kind of hot chocolate situation to warm you up after a long, cold, day. While non-pregnant folks can certainly add a splash of alcohol to this holiday cheer in a cup, this non-boozy version from The Thrifty Couple is a fun, minty drink for the whole family. Pair it with the movie or book and you have yourself a new holiday tradition for pregnancy, and beyond.

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