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Here's How 10 Moms Are Getting Alone Time Right Now, Because You Need Some Ideas

Lately, you've probably been feeling like you live in a real-life version of Groundhog's Day where every day is the same as the last. With kids' activities cancelled and parents working from home, you have to wonder how moms are getting alone time right now. Apparently, it can be done, but it's certainly not easy.

Under normal circumstances, moms need breaks from their kids from time to time, whether that's once a week or every day. Usually, it's not too incredibly difficult to sneak away from the family for a leisurely stroll through Target, a hot bath, or a workout class. Now, it's rare to enjoy a simple shower without a kid playing on the bathroom floor while you do it, never mind a relaxing bath. Unfortunately, it's probably going to be a while before routines return to normal, so in the meantime it's best to find a way to sneak in some solitude now and then, even if it's just for a little bit.

Romper spoke to ten moms to find out what they're doing to squeeze in some alone time under such unusual circumstances. All of their methods are a little different from each other, but the commonality is that they all make an active choice to carve in that time for themselves. (A supportive partner seems to help, too, unsurprisingly.) Whether it's staying up late, stealing away while the kids play, or raging out to music in the car when they take the extra-long way home, these moms are making alone time happen against all odds.


30 Glorious Minutes

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"Some days I have zero [alone time], but that's because I choose to snuggle with my boy in bed when he naps. Sometimes I nap with him, sometimes I just watch Real Housewives. I'm lucky that when [my husband] comes home from work, before we have dinner, I take 30 min to myself to do whatever. Usually, I sit outside with a glass of wine and call my dad. Sometimes I just sit and do nothing. But, I always have those 30 minutes. It's not much, but it's mine, all mine." Krissy Youngquist, Wisconsin


Squeezing It In Wherever Possible

"I’m working from home full time with two young kids so [alone time is rare]. Thankfully my 2-year-old still naps, so I work out during that time. Otherwise, [I get alone time] at night time once the kids go to sleep (but I’m also exhausted then), when my husband takes both girls on a walk, or when I drive to pickup dinner/Target solo. I know it’s a crazy time, but we can and will get through this!!" Kristin Martinez, Illinois


Sacrificing A Lunch Break

"I take my lunch break right after [my daughter] goes down for her nap at 12, and I take a book and sit out on my porch and read in the sun! So relaxing and it’s an hour I get all to myself. Should I try to use that time to get extra work in? Maybe. But, I don’t regret it!" Jenny Saul, North Carolina


Sunday Walks

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"I started taking an hour every Sunday to do a long (5k) walk by myself and I listen to Brené Brown's podcast. Starts my week off with a better mindset and 'hopefully' encourages me to move more the rest of the week. I also always grocery shop by myself. Have done that since [my first] was born and can be the best hour of my week." Allison Nichols, Indiana


Taking The Long Way Home

"My only time alone is in the car (if I’m alone) on the way to the store. Sometimes I just drive around and blast music for an extra 15 minutes." Kristin Nash, North Carolina


Dog Walks & Work

"I take the dog for a walk. I also have to work outside of the home so my drives in and out are my 'me' time. Taking/teaching yoga classes on Zoom in our office is my solo time too. It is all thanks to [my husband]. We actively work to schedule time for 'me time' breaks." Christina Dunbar, North Carolina


Literally Sneaking Away

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"When I was little my siblings and I had a 7 p.m. bedtime. I hated that we could still see the sunlight through the curtains and hear kids outside playing. I get it now. Our kids' bedtime is 7:30 pm. I have to take advantage of any chance I get. Right now, I have the three older kids doing school work downstairs, two playing with a train set, and the baby playing in a playpen while I am in my room. [My husband] tries hard to make sure if I need to check out for a bit that he makes it happen for me (going on walks, etc.) Lisa Emrick, Indiana


Yard Work

"I do yard work. That way I can leisurely do something productive and also listen to music or Audible." Rachel Jaworski, Michigan


Early Bedtime

"At night I have been putting the kiddos down by 7 p.m. and, here in Minnesota, it doesn’t get dark until around 9 or 10 p.m., so my husband and I are able to sit outside and talk, or I hop in the tub, or go for a walk. [My husband] normally stays up late and plays video games so I watch my TV series then, too." Kilee Buck, Minnesota


Long Hot (Then Cold) Showers

"Do long showers until the hot water runs out and staying in even when it’s freezing cold water count?" Katy Salvado, North Carolina