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Corinne's Business Is A Family Affair

Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios seems to have a steadier job than many contestants on the show: she's a businesswoman. In her initial bio for the show, Corinne stated she owned her own online business that she could luckily run from anywhere, which may be why it didn't seem to get in the way of her taking some time off to join the Bachelor franchise. References to her family business continued once she was on the show, where she was briefly shown getting some work done while her nanny (yes, her nanny) prepared a little snack for her. But how did Bachelor contestant Corinne get her business?

Corinne works for her family's company, so she inherited her business – though it's not entirely clear yet just how much control she has over things right now. She has described herself as owning or running her own business, but her introductory video on the show made it seem like she was working for her father and still preparing to take over the business some day. Considering she also snags work as a model from time to time, it would make sense that Corinne hadn't totally taken over yet; she seems to be splitting her focus between a few different career opportunities at the moment.

There hasn't been an official confirmation from Corinne as to the name of her family's business, but all signs point towards the Olympios owning the company Armor Garage, which provides "high performance premium grade epoxy coatings and flooring products" to its clients. Corinne hasn't said the company's name in any interviews or on the show, but she she did tell Glamour that she "run[s] my family's online business, doing epoxy floorings and roof coatings."

It seems like a good bet that the Corinne's family does indeed own Armor Garage, so she came to be involved simply by growing up in the business. And it looks like Corinne is going to use all the tips she learned from her job to approach The Bachelor in a business-minded way. According to host Chris Harrison, Corinne "approaches The Bachelor process with a business boardroom attitude" that doesn't involve making friends or playing nice. In an interview with Yahoo! Harrison said, "She is there to close the deal, and that can be off-putting to the women she has to live with."

Whether or not Corinne is actually running her family's "multi-million dollar company" (as she often says), she's still going to use everything she learned there to stick around in the competition for as long as she can.