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How Did Stephanie Hollman Meet Her Husband On 'Real Housewives'? Jesus Juice Was Involved


When you think of the couples of Real Housewives of Dallas, you kind of figure that they have these insanely fairy tale-like stories of meeting and falling in love. They live in those insanely beautiful mansions straight out of a storybook, so the assumption is fair, right? The truth is, though, that as untouchable as they seem, Real Housewives are more down to earth than we give them credit for. Real Housewives of Dallas star Stephanie Hollman and her husband Travis met in the way most of us meet the people who end up being our partners. While out with her friends, having a good old time.

We met through a mutual friend over dinner and a lot of Jesus juice, a lot of wine (laughs). I think in the show I called it “drunk love at first sight”. You drink, you kiss, the next day it’s a little awkward, then you drink again and it’s not so awkward; it was fun. He would just show up and surprise me at a restaurant when I thought I was meeting a girl friend in the middle of the week, it was sweet. I have emails that are so sweet from him and I’m like, “Why don’t you write this anymore?!”

Stephanie told Celebuzz that she met Travis through mutual friends over "dinner and a lot of Jesus juice," which translates to a lot of wine for those of you who haven't been keeping up with the show. Stephanie says that "You drink, you kiss, the next day it's a little awkward, then you drink again and it's not so awkward; it was fun." Sounds like these two are a modern day love story. She also said:

Six months after meeting and alternating between spending time in his hometown of Dallas and her home state of Oklahoma, Stephanie and Travis got engaged and she finally made the move to Texas. Which we can all thank her for, since she has given us a reason other than the drama (that we all still love, BTW) to watch Real Housewives of Dallas. Several years and two sons later, they find themselves on the inaugural season of RHOD.

The candidness and honesty of Stephanie Hollman is refreshing though, despite the level of glamour and sophistication we see (and have come to expect) on Real Housewives shows. We could be faced with a vague story of Stephanie and Travis Hollman meeting by chance at a charity gala, where he just so happened to find a lost Jimmy Choo heel of hers and went out of his way to find its owner.

But, no. Stephanie and Travis Hollman met in the most common of ways, with conversation fueled by alcohol and sentences marked with drunken kisses as periods. And it kind of makes me love her even more. The glamour of their life on Real Housewives of Dallas is every bit as fancy and impressive, despite the normalcy of their romantic beginnings.