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How Do I Set A Lure On 'Pokemon Go'? Expert Trainers Share Tips

by Cameron Norsworthy

Enough debate about if "Pokemon Go" is good for you or your kids or your health or society at large. The game has taken over, so let's just embrace it and just be the best, the very best, like no one ever was. It isn't enough to just catch a Bulbasaur on your coffee table, you need tools and tricks and strategy; you need to get out there, venturing to Pokestops in order to earn experience points (XP) and level up. Here's a hint: if you find yourself at a Pokestop for an extended period of time, using a Lure Module will be worth your while. Wondering "how do I set a lure on 'Pokemon Go'?" Read on.

A Lure Module "attracts Pokemon to a Pokestop for 30 minutes. Other people around the Pokestop can also benefit from the effect." This distinguishes Lures from Incense, as you can use Incense anywhere, not just at Pokestops. In order to obtain a Lure Module, you have to spend Pokecoins, which you can get for free or pay for separately, in-app.

A "Pokemon Go" newbie myself, I was stoked to find so many communities willing to offer how-to's in the form of Q&A's and videos. The YouTube channel “Trainer Tips” shows details how properly place a Lure Module. The YouTuber’s instructions are transcribed below:

You select the Pokestop; click the white space right above the picture, under the name; and tap the Lure Module. Go ahead and tap it again and it’s active.

Nick (the YouTuber) amped up his own Lure Module game a few ways. First, he used Incense to attract more Pokemon. Then he chose to set two Lures at two different Pokestops that were positioned close to one another and positioned himself in between the two. Finally, Nick hatched a Lucky Egg, which “doubles XP gained for 30 minutes,” maximizing his 30 minutes. Nick reported catching 31 Pokemon in 22 minutes (he forgot to count for the first eight minutes).

A few more details: when you use a Lure Module, other users can catch the Pokemon that your Lure has attracted. This makes Lures a fun tool to use if you're in a group of friends gathered at one Pokestop, or if you're using "Pokemon Go" to meet new people. One trainer asserts that you can "attract rarer Pokemon. . .if you’re at a Lure with a higher-level trainer." Happy hunting!