Kam & Leroy Seriously Need To Get Their Heads In The Game On 'The Challenge'

This season of The Challenge almost feels like there a mini season of Ex on the Beach with all of these little romances popping up and exes around every corner. The latest past relationship drama to impact the game is between Kam and Leroy. But newer fans might be wondering how Kam and Leroy know each other on The Challenge and what’s up with their history.

On The Challenge: War of the Worlds, they have seemed hot and cold with each other. One minute Kam seems interested in Leroy as more than just friends, and the next, they’re agreeing to compete against each other but maintain a platonic friendship this season. It’s a lot to keep up with, but thankfully their history isn’t as messy as that of some of the other exes this season. (I’m looking at you, Cara Maria and Kyle).

Leroy and Kam originally met and fell for each other on The Challenge: Vendettas. Their relationship seemed to continue outside of the game and at the time, there were plenty of Instagram photos on their respective accounts to prove that their relationship wasn't just for show. Somewhere along the way, however, things didn't work out and they both seemed to wipe their Instagram accounts clean of any evidence of their romance.

Now that they are once again thrown in a show where they live in the same house and sleep a few feet away from each other, some of those old feelings have come back and Leroy seems intent on sparking things up with Kam again. Especially since she seems super into her Challenge partner, Theo.

In a sneak peak from tonight’s episode, the cast goes out for drinks and Kam kisses Theo right in front of Leroy. That would be fine if Leroy was as over her as he sometimes claims to be, but there are some residual feelings he can't quite shake. "I want [me and Kam] to go back to the way we were," Leroy admits to Nany in the clip.

In the confessional Leroy vents about Kam kissing Leroy after he told her how he feels about her. "After I just had this conversation with Kam, not even ten seconds later, she’s over there making out with Theo," Leroy says. "And it’s like soap opera making out. Does it bother me? Yes!" At least he has some self-awareness.

Kam did address their past relationship in the season premiere. She said that while she "has love" for him, she’s "not in love with Leroy." At this point, Leroy should probably focus on more important things like the game they are here to play and the $1 million still on the line. But as we have already seen with other exes this season, it's hard to concentrate on winning competitions when your ex is literally right in front of you at all times.

There were rumors that someone in the relationship cheated at some point, which ended things between the long distance couple, but neither Kam or Leroy have ever confirmed that. One Challenge fan on Reddit theorized that Kam and Leroy were never even as serious as Leroy thought they were and that Kam clung to him during Vendettas because it was her rookie season and he was a veteran player. The Redditor even pointed out that when Leroy confronted her this season about their past relationship, she skirted around any serious or established title like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Either way, Leroy definitely seems to have caught feelings for her again and I can see this being a big problem for his gameplay on War of the Worlds.