Eric McCandless/Freeform

How Do Mary Drake & Elliot Rollins Know Each Other? The Two Could Be Related

I'm just coming down from the shock that is Mary Drake and Elliot Rollins working together on Pretty Little Liars. After a finale that can only be described as bananas, we learned that Jessica DiLaurentis has a very much alive twin sister named Mary Drake, and she is working with Alison's new husband, Elliot. The two successfully committed Ali into a psychiatric hospital and plan to take back what they believe to be theirs, likely the fortune. The real question is how do Mary Drake and Elliot Rollins know each other on Pretty Little Liars?

The big reveal of Mary Drake being Jessica DiLaurentis' twin was big enough, but when Elliot pulled off his mask to reveal his identity — let's not forget that he was supposed to be out-of-town! — I think we were all like, "OK, what is going on?" How do these two know each other? Is there some telephone book for villains in Rosewood that everyone gets when they come to town?

One theory is that Elliot and and Mary are related. We learned that Charlotte was Mary's biological child, technically making her the niece of Jessica DiLaurentis. Perhaps all of the "Avengers" are Mary's children, just trying to get back the fortune they believe they have the right to.

Then again, Rollins is English?

Obviously, it's hard to not consider the idea that Rollins is somehow related to Wren — our other English friend with a shady past. Do the two of them have a past, or did Rollins just spend some time across the pond, never run into Wren, and come back to America, become obsessed with Charlotte, and so on and so forth?

If Mary Drake worked with Charlotte in some way, she might have been aware of Rollins' interest in Charlotte, thus leading her to bring him in on the plan. I also can't help but wonder if Elliot now had something to do with Ali's fall down the stairs. Nothing seems to be an accident with Rollins anymore.