This Is How Pregnant Women Masturbate

by Cat Bowen

Pregnant sex isn't always comfortable sex. In fact, sometimes it feels more like a boat on the way to Seasick City than a train en route to Orgasm Town. And sometimes, it's just not available. So do pregnant women ever take care of business solo? How do pregnant women masturbate?

Masturbation is, for the most part, a safe and pleasurable pastime during pregnancy. It's a great way to connect with yourself, and a great boredom cure if you ask me. There are actually many benefits to going to town on your own down there. According to an article in The Independent, it can do everything from preventing depression to lowering your risk of cervical cancer. I mean, I already got the HPV vaccine, but I'm willing to throw myself fully into all methods of cancer prevention if I really must.

But how do pregnant women masturbate? Does being pregnant change the manner and mediums of masturbation, or is it just like every other time in your life, with just a bit of an added hurdle — or bump as it may be.

A woman's genitalia when she is pregnant is basically a study in human reproduction. The vagina gets desensitized and the walls thicken while the vulva and clitoris become more sensitive as the blood flow to the area increases, according to Our Bodies, Ourselves.

For the most part, pregnant women masturbate just like any other mom (with the door locked, praying their kids don't wake early), but they are advised against a few things according to Healthline. The first and most important thing is that if your doctor has advised you against sex, make sure that doesn't also include masturbation — even without penetration, they're usually hand-in-hand. (Wink.) Secondly, if you are looking to have some solo fun, make sure all of your tools are clean and stored properly, because you're more likely to get a urinary tract infection and more susceptible to germs in general when pregnant, the American Pregnancy Association noted.

Orgasms may also create Braxton Hicks contractions, and penetration may cause spotting, according to Healthline, but this is perfectly normal. If the contractions or spotting persist, however, make sure to tell your provider. Other than that, apart from some awkward "how do I get around my enormous belly?" position moments (Do they make a selfie-stick contraption for my rabbit? I bet Amazon sells one), masturbation is a pleasurable and safe activity right up until your water breaks, so have fun.