Yes, You Can Make Your Fingerling Fart.

by Casey Suglia

Every year, a toy comes around to take Wal-Mart waiting lists and parent's wallets by storm. Like the Furbys and Tickle Me Elmos of the years past, Fingerlings are the hottest toys of 2017 and will undoubtably be your kid's newest obsession, if they aren't already. These small toys are pretty powerful when it comes to entertaining your kid and can do a lot of things for such a small monkey. But there are hidden features to Fingerlings, too. Laugh now, but when your kid comes to you asking how to make their Fingerling fart, you'll need to know the answer.

If you don't know everything about Fingerlings, then there are some basics that you need to know. They're animatronic monkeys meant to cling to your kid's clothing and their fingers (hence the name, Fingerlings). They retail for $14.99, come in six different colors, and haven't sold out at major retailers, yet. Their portability makes them the perfect toy companion for any young kid, reacting to sound, motion, and touch. The more you do with them, the more fun you have with them.

But if you don't know exactly how to play with your Fingerling, then you're out of luck. Fingerlings heavily rely on specific interactions to make them do incredibly cute things. Luckily, the specific motions to make the Fingerlings interact with you are super easy, including how you can make them fart.

As much as some parents will try to disagree, potty humor is always a little funny — especially when it is coming from a colorful robotic monkey with a mohawk. Although you never want your kid to talk about pooping or farting (especially when they crack themselves up over it) in public, they will probably end up doing it. Which is why this Fingerling feature probably exists — because they have to appeal to children or the child in all of us somehow.

All it takes is your hand to make your Fingerling fart. No, really. According to the Fingerling instructional video on YouTube, all you have to do is press and hold on your Fingerling's head (or cradle their head, as the video says) and your Fingerling will close their eyes and make the most adorable tooting sound that you will ever hear and entertain your child for hours (or until they remember that their iPad exists).

If your child can't get enough of the Fingerling farting, then they will definitely love making their Fingerling burp. According to the official Fingerling website, Fingerlings will burp when they are held upside down and their head is cradled with your hand. This is using the same action to make them fart but placing them in a different position. I apologize in advanced for writing this.

But farting and burping and getting your child into toilet talk isn't the only thing that Fingerlings can do (thankfully). They respond to different hand motions — like blowing kisses, petting, tapping, and rocking. They also respond to sounds like clapping or snapping. If you put more than one together, they will interact with one another. If you own the super special sloth or unicorn Fingerling, these motions will also work for them. Between their babbling and farting they're like a six month old baby without the mess.

If you're reading this and haven't picked up a Fingerling for your child, you probably need to get on that. Special editions of the toy are already sold out and several retailers have named Fingerlings as one of the "hottest toys" for 2017 and the upcoming holiday season.

Between the farting and their cute appearance, there is so much for your child to love about this trendy toy that will more than likely top their wish list this year (if they haven't collected all of the colors already).