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The Final 3 Comp On 'Big Brother' Is Going To Be Intense

Before the Big Brother 20 jury can vote on who they think deserves the $500,000 prize, the last three houseguests have to battle it out in the last head of household competition. But how does the final three comp work on Big Brother? In a way, it’s the most important one of the season. In a series of three separate comps, the final three houseguests compete to see which of them will go to final two and who will join the jury for their deliberations.

The first competition is typically an endurance comp. Since Tyler already won the first part, as seen in Sunday’s episode, he automatically advances to the third round. Next up is usually a skill-based competition. It could be similar to the OTEV comp, where the houseguests have to remember specific events from the season while doing something physically challenging. In this case, Kaycee and JC will have to compete in that one against each other.

The winner from that competition then faces off against Tyler in a multiple choice type of challenge. The winner from that comp decides who he or she will take to the final two with them. The other houseguest will then join the jury right outside the Big Brother doors on stage. So technically, even though JC lost the first comp from the final three HOH competition, he could still be give a spot in the final two if he wins both of the other competitions or if Tyler or Kaycee take him. The competition as a whole is a lot different than other HOH comps of the season, but it also has much higher stakes and at this point in the game, it could be anyone’s win.

Right now, the only houseguest who’s sitting pretty is Tyler, but his future win still isn't set in stone. Whoever wins the second part of the HOH comp will advance to go head to head with him which means that either JC or Kaycee could win the final comp and choose the next houseguest to go to jury.

I have complete faith that if Kaycee were to win, she’d choose to keep Tyler since they’ve had a final two deal for a while. She’s loyal almost to a fault and has stuck by her alliance until the end. JC, on the other hand, could go either way. He’s had a strong bond with Tyler throughout the season, but he’s also proven himself to be a wild card. He could decide on a whim that Tyler would have the votes if he took him to final two and that Tyler might have a stronger chance by his side. On the other hand, Kaycee probably has zero enemies in jury and she might be the biggest threat for both Tyler and JC in that regard. Fans know by now to "expect the unexpected," but I don’t think I’ve ever been this stumped on who could win the season.

Former Big Brother winner Dr. Will Kirby told The Inquisitr that viewers should expect one of the most dramatic and unexpected Big Brother finales to date. The actual voting takes place on live TV, but given this past season of betrayal and blindsides, Kirby has high hopes for the finale. "Finale night is going to be explosive! Expect emotional fireworks! If you have any plans on Wednesday night, cancel them," he said. "Every single person in North America should be watching Big Brother 20." He’s most known for winning Big Brother 2 and competing again on the all-stars season, but in the past few years, Kirby has also acted as moderator for the jury roundtable on season finales, so he’s seen plenty of memorable final threes in his time.

"I don’t know if I ever envisioned this final three but I love this final three," he admitted. "This is sincerely the best final three since Big Brother 2. Name me a more interesting final three in the last 16 years. You can’t. You really can’t." He also said that all three remaining houseguests "have a very real opportunity to walk away with half a million dollars," which is what makes this such an unpredictable final HOH comp.

It all culminates with the final two competitions and jury votes on the Big Brother 20 finale on CBS on September 26 at 9:30 p.m. ET.