How Long After Giving Birth Do You Have To Wait To Have Sex?

The minute I gave birth to my daughter, I wanted two things — sushi and a beer. Both were off limits when I was pregnant, obviously, but the minute I no longer had a wombmate, I wanted off the restrictions list. I mean, once you have a baby, you should basically get whatever you want, right? But there are still a few restrictions during those first weeks of postpartum, including sex. But how long after giving birth do you have to wait to have sex?

According to the Mayo Clinic, most mamas have to wait four to six weeks before getting it on with their partner. And it doesn't matter what kind of birth you had, whether it was vaginal or a C-section. Parents notes that the six week mark should be when you're having your first postpartum check-up, which is why it's considered safe to refrain from intercourse until then. Your doctor will want to make sure your cervix has closed, that your postpartum bleeding has stopped, and that any tears or lacerations have healed.

But your timeline on getting back into the swing of things largely depends on your doctor and your own readiness. Some women are still uncomfortable, in pain, or trying to deal with the emotional changes of giving birth. And it's more than OK to wait until you're more comfortable, even if it's past the general six weeks.

The Mayo Clinic also notes that just because your doctor has given you the green light doesn't mean the sex is going to be perfect. If you're healing from tears or an episiotomy, you might find that sex is painful or that your vagina is too tender.

Even if you can't wait to get it on and feel like your postpartum bleeding is over, you should still wait until the full six weeks or for your doctor to give you a green light according to What to Expect. You're risking infection if you get it on too early, and that's not worth any kind of intimacy.

So if your recovery has been normal and everything seems OK, you can expect to get it on within four to six weeks after delivery. I can't promise you that you won't want to use that time to sleep, but hey — you do you, girl. Just remember to take it slow, use a lubricant in case of vaginal dryness, and enjoy.