happy mother and daughter make  Christmas wreath

Here's How Long Your Live Christmas Wreath Will Last Before Your Kids Get To It

I love the holidays as much as the next person, but clearly not as much as my neighbors. On Halloween night they hung up their Christmas decorations — including live wreaths. I mean lights and candy canes in the window are one thing, but I can't imagine live Christmas wreaths last for nearly two months.

But apparently there's no hard rule to how long a live Christmas wreath can make it, much like there's no exact science to when you should decorate for Christmas. Lynch Creek Farm’s website — a farm that sells wreaths, garland, and trees — noted that how long your wreath lasts honestly depends on the climate. “In colder climates or northern states, our wreaths last about 6 to 8 weeks," the website suggested. So if you get a wreath on December 1, it should last through Christmas if you take care of it properly. In fact, the website even noted that they’ve had customers’ wreaths last until March if they live in a colder climate. But “in dry climates or southern states, our wreaths last about 4 to 6 weeks. So, wreaths ordered around Dec. 1 should also last through Christmas with proper care. Even in warmer climates, we have seen them last through the middle of January."


So what constitutes taking care of your wreath properly so it can last long enough for your kids to appreciate it? Martha Stewart’s website suggested keeping the wreath moist, whether it’s inside or outside, because winters are usually dry everywhere. The website also suggested treating the wreath with “an anti-desiccant spray (sold at nurseries). This seals the pores on the leaves and bark and helps the foliage retain moisture.” Sawyer Home & Garden’s Center website suggested a few more steps to ensure your wreath stays alive and well, like buying the wreath as fresh as possible, soaking it in water once you receive it, misting the wreath every one to two days, and keeping them cool by hanging them out of direct sunlight (or keeping them outside if it’s cold where you live).

As with all things, also make sure your kids don't take the wreath on a wild ride as a sled down the stairs, or live out some Swedish Christmas fantasy with them on their heads. That tip, plus keeping it hydrated, should have your wreath looking festive all December long.