Cliff Lipson/CBS

The Halting Hex On 'BB19' May Not Be Quite As Powerful As You Think

After being voted into the Den of Temptation by America, Jessica obviously chose to accept what she was offered, putting the Halting Hex in her hands and unleashing a consequence on the rest of the house. As if having such a major power at her disposal wasn't enough, Jess decided to drop a Hex bomb on the rest of the houseguests at the live eviction when she told them she had indeed accepted a mysterious Temptation. It was an instantly iconic TV moment that left Julie Chen herself speechless, but Jessica's caginess has left fans wondering how long does the Halting Hex last on Big Brother 19? Because given the way Jessica was talking, its abilities may have left some fans a little confused.

The Halting Hex left the chosen houseguest, in this case Jessica, with the ability to halt one of the next four evictions during the live show, keeping anyone from being evicted that night and making it a non-eviction week. Now, like all the Temptations, the Halting Hex is a one-time deal. The chosen houseguest can only use it once, but in her conversation with Paul, Jessica seemed imply that she would be able to use it to keep #Jody safe for "the next couple of weeks."

In the last episode, Jessica was seen talking to Paul about the Hex, but still trying to be as coy as possible. Her goal was to "strong-arm" him into not nominating either her or Cody, so she could save the Hex for another week. "I can tell you that I got something called a Temptation Hex," Jessica revealed to Paul. "And I have the power to keep Cody and I safe for the next couple of weeks."

Was Jessica being purposely vague to fool Paul or does she really think she will be able to use the Halting Hex more than once? Either way, Paul was openly suspicious of the true means behind her Temptation, and how much power she really has.

"You're being super vague about your Temptation," Paul said in the Diary Room, addressing Jessica. He later made an interesting move by putting Cody and Jessica up on the chopping block, meaning that Jess will surely be halting this week's eviction.

While this will be the second time no one gets evicted under Paul's HOH reign, it's definitely not a bad idea to get Jess' power out of the way early on, that way he has less of a chance of being blindsided by her in the future.

Jessica would not have been my first choice to vote into the Den of Temptation, but the aftermath has made for some great TV.